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10 Trips Everyone Should Take In Their Lifetime

If you were asked to compile a list of the best trips everyone should take at least once in their lifetime, what cities would you mention? I guess your choices would be based on personal preference. The reason why an individual feels the urge to travel is because human being is nomadic by nature.

From the beginning of time, man has always traveled while seeking to improve his living conditions. This constant journey has led us to evolution and the algorithm is also repeated in our days.

The aim of a trip is not only to see and know beautiful places, but it allows us to discover how other cultures live and how other minds think. A trip is a life experience that, little by little, shapes our own personality.

Are you planning to go on a trip? If yes, we have discovered 10 trips that everyone should take in their lifetime. A visit to these places will change you forever.

New York, United States

For me, a must-see destination to visit at least once in a lifetime is New York! A real city in Manhattan with the most extravagant and impressive island I've ever had the chance to discover.

A city where everything is high: buildings, distances, quantities and prices! New York has a lot to offer on the architectural level with modern buildings that bloom everywhere.

New York, United States

From a cultural point of view she has many museums and galleries that will delight the young and old without forgetting all the historical emblems of the city such as; the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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New York is one of the cosmopolitan cities that never sleeps. A visit to this beautiful city is one of the trips everyone should take at least once in a lifetime.


This is the most beautiful country in the world! And I can prove it to you. It's a very cinematic country, by the way. Everything in Italy is beautiful, good and great.

It is a country that has everything! When you visit this place, don't miss to see Rome; the eternal city, Venice; the romantic city and Verona; for its history of Romeo and Juliet.


If you prefer nature, you can enjoy the Italian lakes in summer, Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast. The history is millenary and one can visit many archaeological sites. The villages are adorable. If you are a food lover like me then I think you would love the pizza, pasta, cheese, wine, coffee or ice cream because everything is delicious.

I shouldn’t forget to add that the people are very charming and beautiful. So if you were to compile a list of trips everyone should take at least once in a lifetime, don’t forget to add Italy.

Istanbul, Turkey

A bit of European, a little of Middle Eastern and barely Asian. Istanbul is the city that makes you go around the world while staying on a site. If the world were only one great nation, Istanbul would be her capital.

Istanbul, Turkey

This is the place where strangers offer you an apple tea just to get to know each other. It is also a place where the quality of textiles does not match the warmth of the people who weave them. Through the busy alleys of the Grand Bazaar, there is an unusual memory, something to talk about on returning home.

At the blue mosque, one is imbued with the beauty of her religion. It is a city where you learn to love the stranger and foreigner. A visit to Istanbul is one of the trips everyone should take in their lifetime.

South Africa

This country was recently voted as the world's most beautiful country by Buzz Feed, no doubt because of its unique natural and cultural richness, as well as her history which, despite every dark turns, remains fascinating. It's a well-deserved victory.

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The “rainbow nation" has 11 official languages, and many more communities, quite distinctly spread over the territory. The landscapes, the inhabitants and the customs are different: each arrival into a new region gives the impression of entering another world.

South Africa

While Cape Town, nicknamed the “Mother City" offers seaside relaxation and sunsets from the summit of the Table Mountain (which is part of the new wonders of the world), Johannesburg is the place to be for the new black middle class in search of a miracle solution to make a fortune.

Some fun activities you can participate in are; surfing on the Garden Route, hiking in the Drakensberg, trekking in the Karoo or Kalahari Desert, wine tasting in the Stellenbosch region, discovering Zulu traditions in KwaZulu-Natal, or simply admiring the immensity of nature facing the Blyde River Canyon.

There is something for everyone! A visit to South Africa is one of the trips everyone should take in their lifetime.

Faroe Islands

They have become the last frontier for lovers of Scandinavian destinations. The archipelago is under Danish sovereignty, but the population is culturally closer to the Icelanders. Some even say that the Faroe Islands is actually a little Iceland, before the boom of tourism.

It is true that with her big sister, she shares landscapes of a rough beauty, without the volcanoes ... but like her other neighbor, Scotland, the landscapes are very green in summer and when you roll through the islands you will come across more sheep than people!

Faroe Islands

But why are the Faroe Islands unforgettable? It gives you the feeling of the end of the world. You don’t need to go far in order to find yourself completely alone with nature. The capital, Torshavn, is a whole city which has kept its old character (especially on the peninsula Tinganes, and houses of the XVth century covered with a grass roof).

It is a paradise for hikers: from the easiest (Torshavn hike to Kirkjubour) to multi-day hikes, through majestic landscapes (basalt cliffs, impressive and full mountains, full of waterfalls and the ocean, which is never far away).

It is a paradise for birds too; thousands of seabirds, including the cute puffins monks that come for nesting in the spring. We see them especially on the Mykines Island but the best is probably the Faroese. They are friendly with the visitors. A visit to Faroe Islands is one of the trips everyone should take in their lifetime.

Road trip to the West Coast of Australia

A visit to the West Coast of Australia is one of the unfriendly but exciting trips everyone should take. The Australian west coast is a wild and lonely land of sharp cliffs that died in the agitated ocean. The only road that runs through it appears as an endless dagger that cuts the immensity of the reddish earth.

West Coast of Australia

The vegetation is quite scarce and it is reduced to some bushes and trees that have fallen apart here and there. In her shade the kangaroos lie down and the emu rest and together with the lizards, they all inhabit these inhospitable places.

Rent a motorhome and travel the thousands of kilometers that separate Perth from Wyndham.

You can do it by the coast or the interior, but in any case make sure to take some spare parts, water and gasoline along with you. This is a trip that will test your physical and psychological resistance. You will have plenty of time to look inside while contemplating spectacular landscapes.


Without hesitation, if there was one destination not to be missed in Europe, Estonia is the place. Although, being the smallest Baltic country, it has remained the ideal destination for an exotic and interesting European experience.

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A small country well advanced in terms of technology, nature and wild landscapes and a big breath of fresh air! I particularly like its architecture; its colorful wooden houses are the charm of the country, just like the locals.


To the north, the young and lively capital Tallinn has a magnificent medieval historic heart. To the south, Parnu, the seaside resort gives you a thrilling beachside experience. To the west, the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa will please nature lovers for a quiet break. To the east, the student city of Tartu and its Peipus Lake area are incredible.

And finally, in the center, Viljandi, capital of culture, will amaze you with its local art museums and the Soomaa Regional Park. A visit to Estonia is one of the trips everyone should take in their lifetime.

The Desert

This is a place to see at least once in your lifetime. I think it's a destination that leaves no one indifferent. I came across some tourists in Jordan who came to Wadi Rum for a day of discovery, spent their time on a jeep to reach the main points and left in the evening. The desert is not just a stretch of sand; it's much more than that.

The Desert

I have had the chance to travel on a four day excursion to the desert. I have never experienced a trip as intense and strong as this one. In addition to the perfect silence that reigns there and forces introspection and self-listening, I will forever remember the nights spent on the roof of the jeep, with my eyes planted on the Milky Way.

From there, I could see many stars. I had tears in my eyes and could not bring myself to close them in sleep.

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Spending a few days in the desert, just to enjoy the absolute calm and serenity, meet the Bedouins and share tea with them, walk on the dunes and see the sun set and rise on this magical horizon are one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences I have had.

Have you ever spent a night or two in the desert? If you haven’t then I feel a visit to the desert is one of the trips everyone should take in their lifetime.


A visit to this location is one of the captivating trips everyone should take at least once in their lifetime. Greenland is a mythical land that was first explored in 982 by Erik the Red, a Norwegian explorer who gave the name: “The Green Country" or Greenland.

Two other dates mark the history of Greenland: in 884 when the Inuit of the East Coast had contact with other men and came out of the Paleolithic era and in 1888, when Fridtj of Nansen succeeded in crossing the Greenland. This was the beginning of the great polar expeditions.


I was immediately amazed by these large spaces of lands both frozen and isolated. Going to Greenland gives you the opportunity to live the intense moments of life and immerse yourself in the heart of icy fjords near the ice cap, which is the second largest in the world.

A trip to Greenland helps you to discover the world of the Inuit, the seal, whale and bear hunters who have been in the Paleolithic era for 130 years. You can also observe gigantic icebergs and aurora borealis.

Finally, we must not forget that Greenland remains a very hostile land with many dangers. I will mention only two: the weather hazard with a katabatic wind that flows from the cap to more than 250 km / h in seconds which makes it necessary to protect ourselves.

There is a possible animal attack with the presence of the polar bear that inhabits the entire territory. Due to the climatic disturbances, the bear tends to return to the villages in search of food.

At Home

My final choice of destination is “my home country ". Being curious by nature, I wish to have more experiences and see many places in my life. For this reason, I might have a hard time mentioning the top best must-see destinations. For me, each country has something special that makes her unavoidable.

As travelers, we often tend to go as far as possible to meet new cultures, to feel the change of scenery. But I have noticed that most travelers don’t visit the beautiful historic sites in their country. Some are not even aware that these locations exist.


To the initial question: “What are the best trips everyone should take in a lifetime?” I would finally answer that the most fabulous destination is your home country. Our home is just as beautiful as everywhere else. The only difference is that we are used to seeing it so it doesn’t look the same as the exotic destinations we visit.

I would challenge you to view your own country; take the time to dwell on the details that make up her beauty. I am convinced that the diversity of your territory is quite surprising. The accents, diet and lifestyle are very different that is why tourists also visit your country.

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10 Trips Everyone Should Take In Their Lifetime

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