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10 Signs To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Leave You

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At the beginning of your relationship, everything seemed perfect: romantic meetings, cuddles, sweet words, birthdays, gifts ...etc... You've even introduced your darling to everyone and your friends and family were really happy for you two! Then over time, your girlfriend’s attitude changes and she becomes less responsive to neither you nor the things you do.

This is not a good sign because as you know, women love to talk and express their feelings. Sometimes, a sudden change in character could mean your girlfriend wants to leave you. Breaking a long-term relationship is never easy. In most cases, when it is the woman who wants a breakup, she first prepares the ground gently by giving some vague indications.

Understanding her change in attitude would help you in predicting when your girlfriend wants to leave you. In this blog, we have highlighted some warning signs to look out for.

1. She becomes a pessimist:

Your sweetheart, who seemed very motivated at the beginning of your relationship, led all your common projects and was especially keen on achieving them, seems to no longer care about anything related to your relationship. She doubts and gives up quickly as soon as you start a joint activity.

You know that moment when she has stopped believing that the relationship could lead to a marriage because she only focuses on all the obstacles that would make the relationship to fail.

They say that behind every successful man is a woman who advises, believes and motivates him. If she has stopped believing in the success of your personal or joint project; it could mean that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

2. No more romantic outings:

When you guys started dating, she was always willing to go on dates with you, then suddenly, each time you make a request for a romantic outing, it is either she says she’s already been to that location or she is too busy to attend.

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There is another type of girl who shows up for the date but she doesn’t come alone; she comes with her gang. Yes! And guess what? This gang will eat up all the food in the restaurant and leave the bills to you.

romantic outings

We all have occupations, tasks, responsibilities throughout the day but someone said “We can never be too busy to have time for the ones we love ".

If she's stopped creating time to talk, text or hang out with you; there could be another reason other than her job that is making her stay away from you.

Look beyond the “sorry, I’m busy” excuse and find out what's she's doing with her time. She might be giving it to someone else she considers more important. This is another sign that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

Same thing happened to my friend Jamie. A new movie was to be shown in town and he wanted to go see the movie with his girlfriend, Sandra. When he told her, she turned him down with claims that she would be busy at work. Jamie had already bought the tickets so he felt bad. When he told me what had happened, I decided to go see the movie with him.

Guess who we saw at the venue? We saw the “Miss Busy Lady” at the cinema with her entourage. She had come there because she felt that Jamie wouldn't be there since his request was turned down. She wasn't also aware that he had already bought the tickets before making his request.

Although, when we saw her, she tried explaining how she suddenly got a break off work and decided to chill out with her friends. Not like I am against her hanging out with her friends but if it wasn’t an intentional act, she would have informed her boyfriend that she was going to see the movie.

If she’s always giving an excuse each time you request for her company, then you should consider it a warning sign that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

3. Reduced Communication:

If you wish to know when your girlfriend wants to leave you, then you should observe the communication flow in your relationship. I remember when I was dating my ex; he was a marine worker and barely had time to talk during the day so we talked at night and guess what?

During those discussions he would narrate everything that happened to him during the day. When I said everything, I mean everything.

Reduced Communication

Those conversations made us feel closer to each other even while far away. Yes! I was also telling him everything that happened to me but a time came when I stopped because I had no enthusiasm to share my daily experiences with him. I had gotten a new boyfriend and didn’t want him to know about it.

When your girlfriend has stopped calling you to know how your day went and she probably doesn’t share her daily experiences with you; that could be an alarming sign!

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Although, it may be a transient situation, as she might just be worried or preoccupied with something, but when the situation persists for a longer time and you know for a fact that she has no worries, then, you no longer should turn a deaf ear because it’s possible that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

4. She seems to be ashamed of you:

Do you remember how she used to hold your hands whenever you guys walked on the streets? She did that because she was so in love with you and wanted the world to know about it.

But now, whenever you are in public places, she doesn’t hold your hands anymore nor let you hold and caress hers. Unlike at the beginning, she keeps a physical distance from you.

She also does not want to be trapped by the physical attachment that unites the both of you. Her body language tells you what her heart might be thinking which is; “Stop showing the world that we are together because I don’t think we are”.

5. She has become secretive:

She doesn’t express her feelings to you anymore and to say “I love you” seems like a heavy task to her. She is always neutral in every conversation; sounds more like a stranger while talking to you.


When you try to share your memories with her, she doesn’t say a word or deviates to something else. Why does she do that? It could be that she considers those memories to be boring.

Whenever you ask her a question about her life, she would rather not provide answers or respond with a cold tone. Deep inside, you feel she’s hiding something but you just can’t figure out what it is.

6. Change of priorities:

At the very beginning of the relationship, she gave a lot of importance to your union and considered it a priority. But the further you go in the relationship, the more you notice that other things are gradually coming to the top of the podium, leaving you far behind.

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This may be normal depending on the circumstances; as your partner may be concerned about other things, but when it becomes a habit, it may be that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

7. She is always arguing:

She used to be a calm and understanding girlfriend. She hated arguments and each time you guys had a misunderstanding, she didn't let a day pass without resolving the dispute. But lately, everything you do pisses her off. She can't stand seeing your clothes all around the house.

Whenever you crack a joke, she doesn't find it funny. When you speak, she criticizes the things you say. She just gets irritated for no reason and even when you apologize, she finds it difficult to let go. Her new hobby is to argue and nag.


Having dispute in relationships is normal but becomes abnormal when frequent. If a couple can't live and work in agreement then the purpose of the relationship has been forfeited. If she is no longer comfortable with you and the things you do for her, you might consider setting her free.

On the contrary, if she has stopped arguing with you and barely reacts to your excesses, then you might consider that as a negative sign too. The reason why she doesn't fight with you anymore could be because she has already made up her mind to break up and probably waiting for the perfect time to take the bold step.

So in her thoughts, she thinks the best thing to do is to ignore your actions and save her energy for her new boyfriend. When you notice any of these, it could mean that your girlfriend wants to leave you.

8. The invincible phone:

This is a major sign to tell when your girlfriend wants to leave you. A girl who has confidence in her relationship is easy to read, she does not always pay attention to the whereabouts of her phone.

For example, she can forget her phone in the living room and not be worried that you could scroll through her phone.

But when she has started using password for every application on her phone, there is definitely something she's hiding. Also, if she pays more attention to her phone whenever you guys are together, it simply means you're boring to her so she would prefer chatting with her friends.


In another scenario, she's got a new friend that's always calling her and each time she talks to him on phone, she's always happy. She sings the guy's praises to you; “This guy is cute and funny. He's been stalking me but I’ve told him that I have a boyfriend. I like him though because he is a nice person."

Most times, when a lady develops emotions for a new friend who is also interested in her, she could leave her boyfriend for him. Listen carefully to her statements and actions or you can check her phone, you will find clues that would make you know if your girlfriend wants to leave you or not.

9. She is no longer jealous:

When a girl is in love with her boyfriend, she's often jealous and guards him from other ladies. So each time she finds out he's spent some time with other ladies; she gets angry.

If your girlfriend isn’t jealous of whom you are talking or hanging out with, it could be a sign that she's no longer interested in you. It could be that she doesn’t care anymore because she has got her eyes on someone else.

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So she is probably waiting for you to cheat so she can leave you. Love and jealousy are companions; when the jealousy is gone, then the love could also be leaving soon.

10. When the sex becomes boring:

During the early days of the affair, each time you had sex with her, she used to be fully involved in the act. Displaying different poses on bed was what she loved the most, but little by little the sexual activities have become boring.

It is either she withdraws completely from sleeping with you or she doesn’t respond emotionally during sex. She might even give excuses why you shouldn’t kiss nor touch her on a particular place.


Unlike men who separate sex from love, women enjoy sex more when their heart is attached to the individual. If she has fallen in love with someone else and is already sleeping with him then she might not be willing to fully give herself to you in love making.

If her desire for love making with you is waning, that could be a key sign that your girlfriend wants to leave you. She probably might have found someone or something else that gives her the fun and satisfaction she once got from you.

We know that on discovery you might find it difficult to accept, but the best thing to do is to thoroughly analyze the things that have been happening every day in your relationship and if you notice that more than one of these attitudes has become frequent, it could mean your girlfriend wants to leave you for good.

Before letting her go, I would advise that you take the reins of the issue, confront it and find out what went wrong. If there is a possibility of resolving it, then you should try to restore the love you once shared. But if the issues seem unresolvable, it is better that you take up the courage and quit the relationship rather than remain in it and be taken by surprise on the day she decides to leave you for another.

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10 Signs To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Leave You


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