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10 Awesome Facts About You

10 Awesome Facts About You
This time I show you the 10 facts perhaps you did not know about yourself, then some curious facts that are worth reading for you to be aware of the potential and capabilities that the human body can hold, being one of the most complex and adaptable of the planet.

Facts 1- You Have A Natural Pacemaker
Have you ever asked yourself what continuously keeps you alive? Lots will say the heart, and it’s well, in fact, you are alive by the bombardment of blood that the heart does to your whole body. But what makes the heart work?

What keeps the heart alive is the Sinus Node, even the texasheart report revealed that Sinus Node works as a natural pacemaker of the heart, in Christian terms what it does is release electricity which generates a muscular contraction, yes, that which you call heartbeat.

Facts 2- The Human Brain Does Not Invent Faces When You Dream

Scientists say that the human brain is not capable of creating faces while dreaming and that you only dream of faces seen during the day or in recent years, so you already have a reason to be scared if you see that you dream of something strange.

Facts 3- Physically It Is Impossible To Touch Your Elbows With Your Tongue
tongue smiley
The shape and position of the elbow make it impossible for you to touch it with your tongue, even though the arms are the most flexible part of the human body.

Facts 4- The Human Being Has No Speed Limit
The human being is capable of traveling at any speed as long as that speed does not change or it has to be constant when talking about high speeds. In fact, the human travels to 790,000 km / h concerning the center of the galaxy and concerning the earth about 1670 km / h.

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Great, Peter Weyand, a physiologist says it’s possible to go faster, no matter how fast somebody runs.

Facts 5- You Can Not Drown Yourself

Have you heard of someone who left a letter written and then drowned in either a river or ocean lake? The truth is that I doubt you hear it if mushrooms at the bottom of a pool and try to hold your breath, hold for a long time, but once the oxygen of your body is finished do not spend another second without trying to find the surface in search of a good breath of air.

When you do not have oxygen in your body unconsciously, you feel the need to breathe, an example? You spend all day breathing, but you do not spend all day thinking that you have to breathe.

Facts 6- The Tab Sees The Danger First Than The Eye

One of the most effective defense systems is the eyes before you can see a straw approaching your eye and the eyelashes are ready to trigger a blink, thus preventing them from reaching your eyelids avoiding a temporary or permanent infection or discomfort. Natural cameras.

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Try touching a tab with one of your fingers, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Facts 7- You Cannot Breathe Or Drink Water Or Any Other Liquid At The Same Time
Technically speaking, you cannot inhale or maybe exhales when drinking a thing without choking on anything you’re drinking/getting it in your lungs. What can be done is breathe in/out via the nose while you're gathering water/liquid in your mouth before swallowing, however in my mind that is not concurrent drinking as well as breathing since swallowing is the functioning part of drinking.

Facts 8- When A Man Blinks, A Woman Has Already Done It Twice
Essentially, women folk blink more regularly compared to men because of the higher degrees of the hormone estrogen within their system. This hormone induces the production of lubricants within the body, such as the eye.

Women folk on birth control pills that will have higher levels of the hormone, blink as much as 32% more often when compared with some other women.

Facts 9- If you see someone yawning you will equal do it and whoever is by your side and everyone who sees it.

Yawning is a social behavior, the probability that you will yawn when you see some Yawning image is 90%.

Facts 10- Stopping A Sneeze Can Cause Death
Based on the report on health > howstuffworks holding back a big sneeze could lead to death.

Because of the great pressure that is made when you sneeze, if you try to stop it, it may cause brain damage, perhaps you will break several blood vessels. Do not stop sneezing is a defense system that expels.
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10 Awesome Facts About You

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