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How To Know If You Are In A Fake Relationship?

Fake Relationship

                One of the worse things in life are fake relationships and surprisingly many people live in them without even knowing it. But never again. Let’s spot fake relationships with these 8 signs.

1. Flirting with Others

Love gives you confidence and self-reassurance. If you are flirting with others even though you are in a relationship with someone else, this means that there is definitely space between you two for a third person or you are still exploring your options.

2. Staying Apart Does Not Bother You

If you really love your partner, you would definitely have a really hard time staying away from him/her. The instant he/she leaves, you would start to feel a vacuum in your life. If you do not feel so, it definitely suggests something else.

3. Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy is very important part of any relationship and there are two types of intimacy. Emotional intimacy and physical attachment.

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When two people are together romantically, there is always the physical attraction that persists between the two, but the real thing can only be judged by how emotionally connected and close you are to your partner.

4. Choosing to Ignore Issues Rather Than Solving Them

Lack of a genuine relationship leads you to run away from your problems rather than solving them. When two people are connected in all possible ways, it leads to many problems and issues occasionally rising between them. If you really want to be with your partner no matter what, you would be willing to go to all limits to solve the issues that arise between you two.

5. No Future Planning Involved

The one obvious thing a fake relationship lacks is commitment. If there is no commitment, there is no future for you and your partner. If you are really not sure about your partner or the feelings that you share – you will unlikely end up never talking about the future.

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No future plans are a clear indicator that you are going down a closed-end lane.

6. You Don’t Have Much to Talk About

Fake relationships lack the real charm of being together and having fun. If the love you share with your partner is actually real – you would never run short of things to say or fun things to do together. However, in a relationship that is not so true you end up with awkward silences and long pauses.

7. Always Thinking About Your Comfort First

True love is selfless and that is simply when you really love your partner you never think about your likes, dislikes or comfort ever. This is not the case with a fake relationship. In such a case, you are mostly concerned about your own comfort.

8. Too Much PDA

People who are living in a fake relationship are often too conscious about how they behave publically. This is actually one of the most obvious signs of a fake relationship that are not only recognized by you but are also noticed by people around you.

If you feel the need to be touchy and overly physically affectionate towards each other for the sake of giving an impression to others – it is not the real thing.

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