Monday, 25 December 2017

Things That Only Happen In Dubai


When we talk about Dubai, we talk about power, riches, and sometimes-even things that seem like lies, for today we bring you a series of things that only happen in one of the richest countries in the world, without doubts this is the country where a series of events seemed to be taken from a movie.

In this country, we can find the most expensive hotel in the world (Burj Al Arab). We can find the camel races, which are incredibly handled by robots.

They have a tennis court that is literally on the heights. In stores, they sell gold and diamond mobile phones, some people have Lions and Tigers as pets, which are sometimes mounted by their owners to “Take a walk in the city."


You can find parking lots for camels; At the airport, the most expensive bottle of wine in the world is sold. In this country, they have private Helicopters to transport cars; there is a shark’s lagoon where a slide goes through. They sell cars bathed in gold and diamonds.

They also have the commercial port Jebel Ali, which is the largest in the world, this being one of the most important. In Dubai, we can find the most expensive cars in the world, the Starbucks are too luxurious, Air Emirates the airline of the country, offers first class tickets which includes a room with bathroom, television, a bed, drinks, and a lot of food.


They are creating artificial islands just to attract more tourists. The government censors topics such as homosexuality, the use of drugs, and the theory of evolution. You can find cashiers that instead of giving you cash give you gold, they sell a cupcake, which is bathed in 24-carat gold, and it only costs 1000 dollars.

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For the most expensive hotel in the world, they ordered a solid gold tablet; in Dubai there are taxis only for women who are driven by women; you can find movie theaters in the shopping centers and they are mostly luxury rooms.


They have an ice rink, which is roofed and has penguins; have Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, the emirates are the original citizens of this country, the most curious thing is that of every hundred citizens that make up Dubai, only 17 are emirates.

They have the building with more plants around the world. The emirates do not pay water, electricity, do not pay taxes, do not pay line telephone, and do not pay any of the main services.

Emirates people only work and go to school from Sunday to Thursday. Every company that wants to open a business in Dubai must have a local partner. Most of its inhabitants have a habit of telling others that everything is only twenty minutes away.


It is one of the safest countries in the world. Most people speak English apart from Arabic, have the largest shopping center in the world, have a wheel of fortune 260 meters high, have the most water source large in the world, is one of the largest markets for the purchase and sale of gold, this country is considered the capital of purchases in the Middle East.

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They have the most luxurious metro station in the world, their airport is one of the busiest in the world, no foreigner can get the citizenship of Arab emirates, regardless of the years they spend living there.


There are sweets and chocolates made entirely from camel's milk, the fortune of the four richest men in all of Dubai, equals all the money that Honduras produces in a whole year.

It is one of the countries most attacked for not respecting human rights. In 2013, it was the country where more gold was sold. A simple hotel room in Dubai can cost up to $ 2,500; although they earn a lot of money from oil, they receive much more money from tourism and construction. Foreigners who work in Dubai can only buy alcohol if they have a license; one of their hotels has rooms under the sea.


These are just some of the things you could find in Dubai. It really is one of the most wonderful sites in the world, without a doubt we can find very strange things in this country, we hope that this content is to your liking.

We read each other later.

Things That Only Happen In Dubai

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