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What Makes Lasting A Relationship

how to make your relationship longer
Love is a wonderful feeling, which should be cherished by everyone. However, not everyone is capable of stabilizing something as precious as love in their lives.
This is because when people have something wonderful, they often become careless.
As a result, when that sweet bond is broken, they start realizing until it’s too late.
The following article will help you realize more about the secret of having a long lasting relationship.

The Trust Factor
Trust is the basic key element in any relationship. No relationship can truly exist, if you don’t trust each other.

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Building of trust is not a one-day job. It takes commitment, hard work, sincerity and support.
Two-Way Communication
Communication is the art of talking and understanding between two parties. How will you know where do you stand in your relationship, if you don’t talk with each other?
Some people are introverts. Doesn’t mean you have to wait for their first move.
Be expressive. Tell them frequently that they mean a lot to you and that you are lucky to have them in their lives.

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Sentences like these will give them a positive boost and this help also help them in sharing things with you.

Compatibility With Partner
You need to analyze your compatibility with your partner. Think about what common and what contrasting traits you have with your partner. Analyze the physical, emotional and intellectual hobbies you share with your loved one.
You don’t need to match 100% in every scenario. A little contrasting gives a beautifying touch inside any relationship.
But imagine a scenario in which one person likes to sleep at 10 pm whereas the other one likes to turn the TV up at high volume at 10:30 to watch her favorite TV show?
This is just one example.
Imagine the nuisance it would create between two people. However, no matter what happens, talking and understanding each other is the solution.
Your Reaction When You Are With Your Loved One
Ask yourself, how do you react when you are with your loved one? Do you have a positive effect on you, when he/she is around? Or do you feel under the influence of a dominant relationship, with no place to breathe?
According to common sense, you need to decide what is better for you. If the other person has a positive effect on you and if it brings the best out of you, the person is worth keeping.
How Does The Other Person Treat You?
Some people develop a sense of “sacrifice” in the name of Stockholm Syndrome. They think that they should make the other person happy, no matter how worse it gets for them.
This includes not giving enough privacy inside the relationship, treating other abusively in the name of love and down weighing a person under loads of stress, all of which are a deadly blow to a long term relationship.

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Try to analyze how the other person is treating you. Some people sub-consciously try to dominate or emotionally black mail a person and turn a beautiful relationship into an abusive nightmare. No matter what happens, don’t let anyone treat you like shit. Just like you think the other person is special, you too are special.
The Best News
No matter what happens, the best news is that if both parties are willing to make a positive change, improvements will automatically come inside the relationship. And the best way to make a change is through talking.
Talk with each other and try to understand each other, logically, emotionally and by putting yourself in another person’s boots to see how they are coping up, with the situation.
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What Makes Lasting A Relationship

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