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Man Cave- The New Spreading Trend

Man Cave
So are you the one pissed off with your work schedules? You miss your college buddies and relish the memories of togetherness? Well, after reading this piece of content you are going to appreciate us for the great help. Think openly about what you like the most and how you want to enhance your space. Don't worry, it's nothing related to your bedroom, and we are keeping your wife out of it. This is something about your site, your favorite things, and your way. It's all about - Man Cave.

Your man cave will be the place that solely belongs to you - ‘The Man.' A place or separate space in your home for which you set out the rules and relax with no external disturbances. It's in trend these days and men all over the world are coming forward to lift the idea. The concept behind is - the men too need some personal expanse to chill, and sometimes they want to keep their wives and families away from their private zone. Simply, any spare location like the garage, room, shed or basement can be converted to the man cave, where a man can enjoy his free time alone or with his mates.

Man cave enthusiasts all over the world have selected some of the unique styles/themes for the man caves that you would surely don't want to miss out. Each theme has its own characteristics and aura that guarantees you the maximum extent of peace and relaxation.

So here we go-

The Bar Theme

Man Cave Bar Theme

Think about the bar styled man cave where you can drink your favorite wine with your high school friends and listen to your favorite tracks from Eminem. This theme is one of the favorites for dudes who like to boost their space with the macho look. Try to picture a Californian Club with your choosing spirits just on tap! And a showcase of the bottles that you have opened on special occasions with your friends. Isn't it an out of the world feeling to have a bar styled man cave. All you require is just a free space, which can be any spare room, to get converted into your reservation with some of the things like glass holders, bottle openers, mini refrigerators etc.

The Casino Theme

Man Cave Casino Theme

Bang on Casino lovers, here we have the Casino themed man cave ideas for you. It will be the place where you can enjoy poker with your favorite cigar in hand. Have some dice-style seats and the tables with the velvet clothing on them. Some of the painting and antique wallpapers to flaunt the look. So, don't just wait, jump into the realm where you can enjoy your time with yourself like a real-life James Bond and get ready to invite envy from your mates! As an add-on, you can add a set of gold plated play cards to reflect a royal and distinct punch of yours.

Depending on what you like to do in your leisure time, you can finalize the theme for the cave. But remember, if you are the one in love with cigars or cigarettes in there, think of putting some low sound exhausts as the jammed smoke can make you feel exhausted. Also for stocking up the cigars or the pipes, you can get the finest holders that not only keep them dry but fresh for long.

The Sports Theme

Man Cave Sports Theme

Sports is the weakness for most of the men as they just love to see their favorite sport around. Sports lovers, don't worry, we have something for you too. At first, you will need a spare room, not to mention as all man caves require a dedicated space, which you can modify as per your need and desires. Keep in mind, you have to put a lot of trophies and the photo frames to achieve the concept, so ultimately you will need a lot of shelves and holders fitted cleanly on walls. You can also think to keep a long table to read sports magazines with your mates. Additionally, to complete the look you can add any of your favorites from the table tennis, snooker, carom board, tabletop football, dart board and an indoor bowling set.

Interestingly, additions have no limit. You can include what you think will go with the theme and can enjoy your free time like a pro.

The Entertainment Theme

Man Cave Entertainment Theme

For those who want to spend their free time relaxing watching the Netflix series or the science fiction movies, entertainment theme is the best idea. All you will need is a good quality sound system to feel the bass and a high definition big screen TV to get the perfect cinema feel. Leather couches are a must as you will love to sit with your legs wide open and enjoy the favorite movies on the go. As an add-on, you can also plan for some of the drink-holders and popcorn makers to lift the mood to the maximum.

One of our favorites, you can have some of the dart boards that you can play along with your friends while watching the TV. Try this once, it adds a lot of fun in there.

The Tool Theme

Man Cave Tools Theme

If we talk about the popularity, this theme has got its name embossed above all. Not only it's easily achievable but also it gives a tough-manly impression with a distinct feel. All of you must be having some spare space in the garage or the storeroom that has not been used for years. The start would be tough but believe, the results will be super amazing. You will need to start with the cleaning of the space and pull out the old bicycles or the motorcycles that you have available in your scrap zone. The next step is interesting, we are going to paint the scrap to derive a vintage rusty look. We will also need some of the tools, wrenches, bolts, and the tire-rims to decorate the space as tough. Further, if you have your old car parked in the area, the look will get towards the classy side.

Just imagine, the painted motorcycle frame standing at one side and the bicycles hanging on the walls, the car in the center and few of the DIY tire-made sitting chairs inviting the fun all around. The primary point about this theme is you can make your things as rough as possible and even can go for hanging chains and sprockets over the walls. So get ready and try it; let your friends witness the creative side of you.

To all the man reading this, if you are confused with the themes and feel like little messy to start all the things, we suggest you to first finalize the location and then later think for the theme you would love to see around. Clean the space where you want to establish your empire as it will give you an idea of what you need and what your space permits.

Notably, basements or the garages are weird but believe, can be transformed into the best caves. The benefit lies in no one in the family get bothered for the less visited dump space, so ultimately no one can ping with the space issues. Clean the location and paint it your way. Finalize for the things that you want and set your own rules. Have some gangsta style hanging lights and the folding chairs with big jute couches. A small refrigerator to hold the beers and a small blue flame lighter to set up the cigars to fire. A wall-mounted television and the name of your cave blinking on the wall with some LED lights. Isn't it all amazing! If you are confused about utilizing your basement or garage space for a man cave, you can search on the internet too. The notion is in trends these days and a bundle of information is available online.

Notably, man cave not only restores the stress level but also make the men hit the maximum productivity with supreme efficiency. It gives a scope where the man can forget about all the pressures and enjoy the beingness with his free spirit. Scientifically it’s proven that we all need some of the extra time to self-envisage the mind. Women have their different ways to burst out the stress, but definitely, men are distinct and enjoy the most when unfettered with their full authority.

Further, for better execution of the plans, always remember to record down the ideas related to the designing of the man cave in detail, as sometimes, improper planning spills out a lot of time and energy. Decide thoroughly on the budget and avoid spending too much in an initial phase. Also, as it will be the space that is specially designed for fun, all the elements, items and products inside should reflect the objective to the greatest extent.

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Man Cave- The New Spreading Trend


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