Saturday, 27 January 2018

This Apartment Building Looks Like A Prison From The Future

I am a huge movie fan and loves to watch movies, especially science fictions.

There are so many fantastical places that you are introduced to through these science fiction movies and television series that takes place in the future.

In reality, most of the future buildings or localities we see in movies or televisions are based on the past or present. There is one building in Japan that looks like a science fiction building but you will be surprised to know, it was built 40 years ago, and the story behind it is really amazing.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower looks no different than a science fiction prison and it's actually an apartment cum office building situated in Tokyo, Japan. This building was designed by an architect named Kisho Kurakawa and was built in just 30 days in the year 1972.

Reddit / malgoya

Each capsule or you can saw box is a single apartment. In 2012, only 30 out of these 140 capsules were being used as apartment (their original purpose) and rest of them were either office space or storage space.

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This Tower, which is now falling into disrepair, is the world's very first example of Capsule Architecture built for permanent personal or commercial use. It's the only remaining examples of Japanese Metabolism, an artistic movement which began after World War 2.

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Due to the disrepair, people have proposed to demolish the building many times in the last 10 years. Still, some people are trying to save it, as it is a symbol of their historical significance.

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As of 2017, these capsules can still be rented for use, but the waiting list is long.


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