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Why Relationships Are So Darn Difficult?

Why Relationships Are So Darn Difficult

We all have been there, how hard we try to keep up with the relation, it just doesn’t work. This write-up will help you understand that.

1. Struggle to Meet Expectations

Relationship means expectations. You are responsible for your person and have many duties to fulfill. You will be expected to say things, do things, and think about stuff too! All this can be very daunting and emotionally exhausting, and this makes relationships very hard to manage.

2. Being Answerable to Your Partner

A relationship is all about owning the other person. You have every right to question the other person on whatever thing you think is important. He/she will be answerable to you no matter what. There is no escaping it.

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This can be a serious problem for some people because there are not many men and women who would want to answer about every little thing they do in a day.

3. Putting Yourself Second

We all as human beings tend to be a little self-centered. It is only human nature to be a little selfish but it certainly cannot work like that when you are in a relationship. You always have to think about your partner first.

How would he/she feel about a certain thing? Where would he/she want to eat? What color would he/she like you to wear? From the basics to everything major in life needs to be done in accordance to your partner’s liking. You automatically become secondary when priority is your partner.

4. You Have to Be an Open Book

In a relationship, there is no place for dishonesty or hiding things. You have to be open and you have to be very direct. There is no way you can expect to hide things from your partner or lie about things and believe it will be okay in the long run.

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This is a serious problem for many people, especially if you are an introvert. You could definitely find it a challenge to open up to your partner about everything you feel and think and do.

5. Ego Overrules Love

A reason why relationships today have become a challenge is because ego is overruling love. The feelings of love and affection have been replaced with ego and stubbornness.

6. Saying Sorry Is Needed

Saying sorry or giving an apology to people is not an easy thing to do. If you have ever had to do it, you would know how difficult it is to say these three words ‘I am sorry’.

In a relationship, there are many times when you have to be sorry even if you are not wrong, even if it is not your fault or even if you are not guilty.

7. Creating A Balance in Your Life

Being in a committed relationship means you have to share your life with someone. You have to create space and time for the person who is attached to you. Your days and nights cannot only be about you and that one person has every right to ask for involvement.

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Creating a balance between family, work and personal space is often problematic for many people.

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Why Relationships Are So Darn Difficult?

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