Saturday, 27 January 2018

Woman Gets Arrested At School Board Meeting For Stating Her Opinion About Pay Raise

Teachers are rarely ever compensated with what they deserve, they often pay out of their own pockets for the supplies and books their students need.

Imagine being a teacher and working your hours in shaping the minds of tomorrow only to receive negligible or no raise and watch the money you deserve going into the pocket of your higher-up's. This inspired Louisiana teacher, Deyshia Hargrave to speak up at School Board Meeting and it also got her arrested shortly after.

On January 8, the Vermilion Parish School Board was in Board Meeting, during which Hargrave questioned why Superintendent Jerome Puyau would be getting a raise while other teachers and school employees hadn't gotten one in years. NPR reported Puyau's salary raising to $140,000 from $110,000.

YouTube / Chris Rosa

The board members straightly refused to answer or address her and continued with the meeting. It was second time when she asked the same question and a City Marshal paid by the School Board asked her to leave or she'd be physically removed.

YouTube / Chris Rosa

She left and moments later was forcibly put into handcuffs after appearing to have been pushed onto the School floor.

YouTube / Chris Rosa

She was booked into jail overnight, though she won't face any charges.

Watch the incident below:

Here's what Deyshia Hargrave had to say after:

The ACLU of Louisiana released the below statement regarding the meeting:

Deyshia Hargrave’s expulsion from the public meeting and her subsequent arrest are unacceptable and it raises serious constitutional concerns. The Constitution prohibits the government from punishing or retaliating against people for expressing their views, and the fact that a school teacher was arrested at a public meeting of the school board is especially troubling. The ACLU of Louisiana will continue to investigate this incident & defend the constitutional rights of all Louisianans.

Raising our voices against injustice is our right under the First Amendment. There was no reason to arrest Deyshia Hargrave as she was only looking out for the best interests of her colleagues and other employees of the School.


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