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10 Inspirational Ted Talks You Shouldn’t Miss

Since 1984, Ted Talks events have been happening all over the world. Brave and bold ideas, along with innovative and technological ideas, are presented by the best speakers under 18 minutes. Whether you have been listening to these ideas on youtube, or you have participated yourself, Ted Talks are for sure known to change and challenge your perspectives.

Once you get to know Ted Talks, you will never be the same again. They offer experience to the public, managing to help them get motivated, brave and even grateful.

Here are titles of the 10 best inspirational Ted Talks you shouldn’t miss. I have did my research by browsing through many videos, by only a click away from typing ted talks youtube in my browser. Therefore, take it one by one and enjoy them.

1. I got 99 problems... palsy is just one || Maysoon Zayid

Sometimes all we need is empathy and social inclusion, along with ethnicity diversity and a bit of humanity. Maysoon Zayid is a Palestinian American actress and comedian, known as being the first person that ever performed a stand-up in Palestine and Jordan.

She is brave and inspiring, and she challenged us to change our perception of life. For more about her moving story, be open to hearing her speech.

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2. What makes you special? || Mariana Atencio

We often find ourselves thinking about the fact that we might be different, and by being different means attracting failures of all kinds into our lives. Maybe it does not have to be like that, maybe we should reconsider our position and question our judgment.

By being different, is it a door opener, or a dead end street? Mariana Atencio might make you see yourself as being invincible. Being different is great, and so is this speech!

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3. Success, failure and the drive to keep creating || Elizabeth Gilbert

Success is the threshold we have to cross over in order for us to be finally happy and fulfilled. But is it really so? Is success the answer to everything or is there more than meets the eye? It might be possible that success brings more challenge into your life than failure does.

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Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the bestseller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and she has dedicated her life to writing and creativity. She is powerfully inspirational through her life stories and by the lessons she has learn. If you need a boost of energy to continue doing what you love, take a break and listen to her wise words.

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4. Do schools kill creativity? || Sir Ken Robinson

As the title indicates, it is a speech which questions the identity of education in correlation with our creativity. How is school aiding our creativity, or is it somehow interfering with this ability of ours? Sir Ken Robinson will inspire you to rethink your whole idea of education, and make you want to be more than what your educational background says about you.

Creativity versus education, is intelligence so diverse that only society finds a winner among them?

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5. Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality || Brian Little

Kurt Vonnegut — ‘We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.'

What if you are more than what you define yourself to be? Is it possible that you can possess moments of extrovert behaviour while being an introvert and vice versa?

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6. Less stuff, more happiness || Graham Hill

In a world of over consumerism, people often feel suffocated and unmotivated by the clutter of possessions in their homes, working environments, social places, and so on.

If you often believed you should declutter your home, then this speech might just help make the first step. Minimalism is what may help this world heal a bit. Graham Hill is following his own pieces of advice, but will you do the same?

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7. Programming your mind for success || Carrie Green

Do you often feel lost and do not know where to start on your career path? So many dreams to accomplish and also so many questions waiting to be answered. You sabotage yourself by saying ‘I cannot do that’ or ‘I don’t know that, so I am not even going to try and do it’, and along the wait your success loses its magnitude. Learn how to stop doing this to yourself, and learn a few tips and tricks.

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‘Programming your mind for success’ might be your best solution!

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8. The skill of self confidence || Dr. Ivan Joseph

The Top of reasons for not fulfilling your life desires and dreams, most certainly includes lack of self confidence. Most regard the latter as being something innate, something that cannot be achieved no matter how much you try. However, Dr. Ivan Joseph explains how self confidence is a skill and how by practicing and other steps of action, the skill of believing in yourself can and will be achieved. As he says, practice requires perseverance.

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9. Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can || Graham Shaw

People are made to believe they cannot really draw by the experiences they live and the attention they pay for other passions. We think people who draw must have a talent and that we will never be able to draw and express our ideas through drawing.

Graham Shaw manages to amaze you by his techniques that anyone can draw. If you are curious and want to find out that you can draw, head over to this Ted Talk and find out more than that.

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10. What really matters at the end of life || BJ Miller

How we die is indeed something we can affect. Making the system sensitive to this fundamental distinction between necessary and unnecessary suffering. After all, our role as caregivers, as people who care, is to relieve suffering – not add to the pile.” BJ Miller

Change your perception upon healthcare systems and how they might not be designed for patient, but rather for diseases. A speech that will inspire you to do your best at caring for others.

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With these Ted talks summaries, you should be well prepared in order to have a day full of inspirational speeches and life stories now more available than ever.

10 Inspirational Ted Talks You Shouldn’t Miss


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