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How Can You Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work?

No one can guarantee you that long distance relationships are going to be easy. But the distance between couples should not be the reason to end an ambitious, full of life relationship. For a long distance relationship to work, it takes hard work, trust and commitment.

It is also important to adjust your lifestyle and attitude to suit your partner’s life. To maintain a healthy relationship, intimacy and spending time together plays a very important role. But when left all alone with your partner being hundreds of miles away, you can end up with thoughts of - is it really worth it?

The most positive thing is that there are number of long distance relationships that have actually worked. In the U.S for instance, more than 7 million couples are in a successful long distance relationship. So this should give you hope enough that your long LDR can work too. But what exactly does it take?

Healthy communication

The first step to a healthy long distance relationship is the way couples communicate. At times, couples can get angry, emotional or isolated. If not careful enough, they can end up taking such ill feelings to their long distance partner. To avoid such situations, honest communication is very vital.

Sharing your views and ideas on the long distance relationship will go a long way to make things work out. It is also important that both of you to discuss on what you anticipate of your partner on a daily basis. Are the phone calls and text messages enough, will you be more comfortable with video calls instead? Since you may not be in contact for long, emotional connection, which is also vital in every LDR can be achieved through communication.

Frequent communication always shows that your partner cares about the relationship and can sacrifice the little time they have to check what you are up to.

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Visit often

No matter how busy both of you are, it is also important that you schedule for mothy or weekly visits depending on the distance. Try to use any available opportunity to meet your partner in person. Face to face communication builds trust and makes the relationship more satisfying.

You can also decide to create a ritual out of the visits you make. Enjoying a quiet night together, eating out at one favourite restaurant or share an activity that both of you enjoy. If the long distance is inconveniencing for both of you, why not choose a more comfortable place?

For instance, both of you can decide to travel and meet halfway between the journey.

Know each other

Just like any other relationship, long distant relationships require partners to know and understand each other. Ensure that both of you know the things that your partner enjoy and what they don’t really like. You can also discuss about it to avoid unwelcomed surprises in future.

Create trust

Trust is also a building block in every relationship-whether it is a long distant relationship or you happen to see each other often. To enhance trust, you need to be faithful to your partner and avoid any temptation that may come along the way.

The trickiest part about long distant relationships is that you will be meeting new people every day and you can easily be carried away. You therefore need to share everything with your partner including the mistakes you make.

If you happen to lie about your whereabouts, going to a night club or whatever, it can only benefit you at the moment, but you also need to consider the future of your long distance relationship. You can also make use of online sources including video chatting and emailing often to enhance trust.

Surprise your partner

Surprises can also help add flavour in a long distance relationship. This can range from planning for a surprise trip or merely sending chocolate and flowers. Always remember that the little things you do is what will determine the future of your relationship.

You therefore need to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to minimize the distance as much as possible. When you know you partner better, you can always come up with surprises that they will appreciate.

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Both of you are human

You also need to remember that your partner is human and the little mistakes they make should not be subject to punishments. Rather than going silent on your partner, the best way to approach this situation is plan for a visit and talk things out.

You should not go to the extend of doing something irrational that can hurt your partner with a mere excuse of being annoyed.

Support each other

Being in a long distance relationship does not mean that you cannot support your partner in any way. You need to be there for your partner when faced with issues that requires both physical and emotional support. Being available in such situations will make your partner know that you care for them.

If you make your partner handle such issue alone, they may not need you in the long run. You therefore need to be interdependent; sacrifice your self-interests for the benefit of the long distance relationship.

This starts with supporting each other every time your input is needed in the relationship.

Talk about the ordinary little things

In every communication you make, it is important to include your dreams, hopes and future plans as far as your relationship is concerned. But you also should not forget about simple daily routines that couple do when living together.

This includes going shopping, doing laundry or decorating the home. Remember that being too serious in a relationship can make the relationship boring and lessen your connection.

There is no doubt that long distance relationships are quite demanding and require inputs from both parties concerned for the relationship to work out. You therefore need to sacrifice your time and interests on behalf of the relationship for it to achieve the desired results.

How Can You Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work?

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