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All There Is To Know About Online Dating

Online Dating

Online dating, also known as Internet Dating, is a platform for strangers to freely connect and possibly start a relationship.

Online dating takes place on Online Dating Sites and even on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

A study carried out by Pew Research Center and American Life Project established that 80% of the Online Dating Sites users and 55% of non users prefer online dating sites as they are a good way to meet potential partners for a relationship.

Online Dating Sites are the most common form of online dating for those looking for potential partners online.

All a person needs is to fill a profile and the profile is later uploaded for other members to view and initiate contact if they are interested.

Processes Involved While Dating Online

Online dating involves 5 easy steps and they include:

1. Create a Profile

To start with, you have to fill a profile on the dating site where you provide some basic information about yourself.

Information provided on profiles may vary from one dating site to the other but the most common include:

  • Name - this is your actual name or a username created by the dating Site company.
  • Location - this can be your country of origin or a town you are currently residing in.
  • Sex - this is your gender.
  • Profile photo or a personal video - this can be an image or a video highlighting who you are.
  • Career - one can disclose what they actually do for a living.
  • Medical conditions - you can disclose your medical history especially if you suffering from chronic diseases, HIV or any other condition that can be considered life threatening.
  • Religion and political preferences- this reveals one’s views and beliefs.
  • A short bio about an individual- this summarizes your personal information that might not have been provided while filling the profile.

2. Running Background Checks

Some companies though not all, run background check on its members to reduce the risk of having scammers on board and also reduce crimes associated with online dating.

For those that do not run background checks on their members, they always provide disclaimers to their members as safety is not always guaranteed as they lack the capacity to validate uploaded profiles.

3. Uploading A Profile on Dating Sites

Once a background check has been run, your profile is uploaded on the site and potential partners can view it. You can as well view profiles from your own potentials.

4. Initiate Contact

Once you have identified a potential partner, you can initiate communication. This can be through digital messaging, live chats or through phone calls once you exchange phone numbers.

5. Planning A Date

Once you and your potential partner feel you have made the right choices, or you are comfortable with the person you’ve been communicating with, you may decide to meet in person.

If all goes well, you may get into a relationship or date depending on your desires.

Despite having a potential partner’s profile information, or being in contact with them, members are always advised to always take precaution when meeting strangers or rather people they are not well acquitted to.

Always follow the following rules to stay safe:

Meet in Public or in Safe Environment

Members are always advised to meet in public and busy places like parks, coffee shops and malls as this reduces the chance of being harmed or kidnapped.

Always Have a Means of Transport

Ensure you have your own means of transport to take you to the meeting place and out of the meeting place once you are done.

Avoid the people who always insist on picking and dropping you off to your place as they may have other intentions.

Inform Family or Friends

Always inform a member of your family or keep your friends on the loop while meeting strangers. This is a security measure that ensures your safety and also keeps people aware of your status at all times.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

If you can avoid alcohol during such meetings please do.

Alcohol can lead to vulnebilities and should be consumed in low volumes to avoid awkward situations.

Dress Appropriately

Avoid provocative dressing as this may send mixed signals to strangers and even send the wrong message.

Do Not Leave Food or Drinks Unattended

Never leave your meals unattended as they may be spiked or even laced with drugs.

Pros of Online Dating

  • Easy to meet many potential partners as one can analyze many profiles before settling for a potential partner.
  • A great way to be honest as one can opt to tell the truth.
  • Cheap as one can carry on with an online relationship without having extra costs like dates, gifts or tickets.

Cons of Online Dating

  • Stalking- creeps can stalk individuals using information acquired from dating sites.
  • Fraud- some dating sites are just a front to defraud members by charging premium subscription fees and even charging fees once a person meets a potential partner.
  • Blackmailing- members can be blackmailed if their information provided on these sites can defame or ruin reputations.
  • Potential theft- members can be robbed if they provide too much information on dating sites. Members who have met away from these dating sites can be robbed by those posing as potential partners.
  • Violence- members risk being subjected to violence from potential partners especially those they meet from sites that do not carry out background checks on members.

However, there are ways to Identify scammers and members are always advised to always be on the look out for the following:

  • Scammers always request for money and favors that include spending money.
  • Scammers always claim you are the right one immediately they initiate contact.
  • They always insist on giving up your address so they can send flowers or pick you from your place or even coming over to your place.
  • They may request for your bank details in the name of making deposits for you.

Online dating is great as it has led to many healthy long lasting relationships between members but can also be a source of potential crimes. Interested members should always take precautions to stay safe at all times while dating online.


All There Is To Know About Online Dating


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  8. There are free destinations, low paid locales and costly ones. Don't simply limit a site since it charges and never markdown a free site since you believe it's excessively modest and soaked.

  9. Here are 15 ways to make your online dating profile stand out
    Ask your friends for help. Get a friend to help you write your profile. ...
    Avoid clichés. ...
    Choose action shots. ...
    Stay positive. ...
    Be honest. ...
    Be specific. ...
    Update regularly. ...
    Check your grammar.

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