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How To Motivate Yourself - 10 Tips


In our modern society, motivation is one concept which is often discussed and quite rarely clearly defined. It may seem like motivation is subjective and easily understood by many. However, many of us, in the despair of procrastination, we look for self motivation tips and cannot really grasp the idea of action versus dreaming.

So what does motivation really mean and how can we motivate ourselves during rainy days?

Motivation is defined as being the multitude of reasons why we act or behave in a certain way. Therefore, why do we seem to pinpoint motivation as being the state of mind in which people start acting and be efficient? I believe we need to look forward to the root of the word.

The root of the word is the latin verb “mot”, which means “to move”, thus one by motivating himself, he is making the conscious decision to act, to move, to go in the direction of achieving his goal.

What does it take to change your perspective, and move from “thinking of doing” to “actually doing”? Is it that important to motivate ourselves, or should it come naturally? Read on, and you will understand more of the answers to these questions.


Motivation is the balance between your behaviour and your emotions. When you are feeling happy, you are efficient and really motivated, but when you are feeling down, your whole system of getting yourself to perform your responsibilities somehow does not work anymore.

As the American entrepreneur,Tony Robbins, said in an interview

Emotion is the force of life

Emotions will motivate you. Hence, you have to pay more attention to how you are feeling and less to what you are actually doing. At least until you observe and analyze how your self motivation works. Is it related to certain emotions, or to all of the bad emotions you are feeling?

Once you understand how your emotions interfere with your ability to act when you need to, you will know how to motivate yourself.

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Motivation does not apply only to bigger responsibilities, such as your career, but also to more usual tasks such as ‘how to motivate yourself to lose weight’, or ‘how to motivate yourself to tidy up your room’. The concept applies whenever you need to move on from ‘I should change’ to ‘I must change’.

Now that we have come to the conclusion of what is motivation, the following ten tips will allow you to take that first step into action and not procrastinate anymore.

Understand yourself

There will never be a better piece of advice than the one of understanding yourself. It will always start there, and always come back to that. If you cannot understand your feelings and behaviour, the solution is harder to find.

But once you do, you will figure out where you can start and what you can enhance in order to be motivated when you need yourself to be.

  Take It Easy

Make a list of what is disturbing you

Is it the environment, or the empty cup of coffee on your colleague’s desk, or simply a plurality of factors that disturb your work flow?

Make a list of everything that is bothering you and the causes of your unmotivated self will be more clear to spot, thus making it easier to act upon them.

Try to better the situation

Can you remove the elements of your disturbance from your surroundings? If you cannot, try to find a better place for yourself, or even take a short walk and listen to a cheerful song. When a plant is losing its greenness, one does not throw it away, but rather he changes the location of it, allowing for more sun to be absorbed.

Improve your happiness level

Do something that makes you happy. As easy as it can be.

Take the first step into action   First Step

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

—W. Clement Stone

Do as you must in the morning when you wake up. Do not snooze the alarm, turn it off, open your eyes, get up, get dressed and be there. Do not overthink it, just make yourself ready for just the first small step you should take in order to start doing.

Get feedback

Do not turn off feedback from your peers, as it will allow you to see where you might be wrong. Feedback may get you back on the road of progress, and might as well get you where you see yourself to be, successful and happy.

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Be open to criticism

Be open to criticism when you need it, sometimes it is just the boost you needed to better your work. Criticism is not always constructive, but pay attention to the one that is.

Reward yourself

When you have finally done the thing you have been postponing for a while now, reward yourself in a healthy manner. Reward yourself with something you have been wishing for and keep going. Do not stop there, just keep yourself moving forward, as the clock goes.

Start with small tasks

Never picture the bigger frame. Start from the beginning and work your way up from there. If you start further away from there, you might get frustrated and hopeless. Small achievements will add up in the end.

Keep a gratitude journal

As Rhonda Byrne says,

gratitude can change your life.

By keeping a gratitude journal, you keep track of your life, and attract more feelings of gratitude into your life, thus making yourself motivated into doing more than you did until then.

You have reached the end of this post, thus you are now motivated to do that one thing you have been thinking about all day!

How To Motivate Yourself - 10 Tips

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