Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Smart Traveler’s Backpack

You have finally taken a break from your job or simply are on holiday from University, so you are definitely in need for traveling, just you and your backpack.

First step is already taken the moment you decide to book the tickets and finally find that cheap hostel. Second step is in finding a solution to how to pack for a trip to your booked destination. There is no easy way out. You try to mix and match everything you may need and sometimes you go overboard.

There are many traveling tips and tricks for you to discover online, but somehow it lets you feeling exhausted while trying to adjust your plans to what you have just read from blogs. You look for pieces of advice and you finish packing.

You take the backpack onto your back to see if it not too heavy and it may not be too heavy at the beginning, but once you walk and walk with it during your travel, you’ll realize you have just packed too many things and in a too messy way of yours.

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I am here to help you and to give you that boost of energy and happiness needed to finally pack your backpack the correct and minimalist way. Let me walk you from the beginning to the end.

Choose the right backpack

The most important aspect to take in consideration is whether you have the most suitable backpack for your torso or not. As Amy Hunter mentions in her “How to pack a backpack” article, it is really important to adjust your backpack to your torso and not to your height.

Because otherwise, you won’t be liking it if it is too loose, or does not hook correctly onto your hips and the most relevant if it does not offer the required stability of the weight along your spine.

So how do you choose the best backpack? Firstly decide how many things you want to bring along with you based on the length of time you will be spending while travelling. Secondly, after you decide the latter, you should know by now how many liters you will be needing in your backpack volume.

Afterwards, you either choose one for yourself, or ask the professional from your local hiking store for just a little help. There are many variations based on their features, so it is best if you get the opinion of a professional.

At this point in the future, you have your backpack and way too many decisions ahead of you, regarding of what to pack and what to store back in the closet.

One more word of advice you must take into consideration when you start packing, is to balance the weight, light things go first, heavy load should be in the middle, and the rest, well, should have the rest of the space.

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Check the weather reports

In order to decide which clothes are more suitable, it is advisable to check the weather reports for the total length of your stay at the destination. Better safe than sorry. Therefore, pack according to the weather and keep asking yourself if you will for sure be needing all of the things you already packed. If you have doubts, ask yourself again.

Mix and match

Take all situations into consideration. See how you can reduce the clothes by mixing and matching and making extra outfits for the road. Don’t forget that some places have laundry services, so if you will be needing clean clothes, there is always a solution.

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Needless to say, you will be feeling much better with a light backpack, than by carrying a load of clothes.

Get the extra out of the way

Will you really be needing a tie? Or those shoes? Maybe it will work better if you will just let them behind you. They will still be yours when you get back from your travel. And if you need an extra piece of advice of how to decide what to keep and what to not, make a travel backpack list and see how words may clear it up for you.

Think of extreme situations

What if a storm or snow is suddenly approaching and you forgot your boots? Always think of extreme situations, pack those things you will for sure be needing because maybe in the country you will be traveling to, they do not commercialize it.

Either way, you should be always prepared and not lose precious time while hunting for a raincoat or a backpack cover that keeps your stuff dry. Picture all the situations and research.

Do not forget to check your backpack external pockets to see if you have everything tucked in. Traveling while backpacking will never be more enjoyable once you handle the situation as a professional and are in total control of the things you pack.

If you are a light sleeper, bring along your earplugs and eye mask too!

The Smart Traveler’s Backpack


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