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Your Ultimate Guide To Cruise Travelling

A lot of time is always spent on deciding vacation destinations, budget, what to eat or even where to stay when you finally decide to take that break from work or go on that long awaited dream vacation after retirement. Cruising offers all the above in one package as it allows you to visit different destinations, offers accommodation and also provide you with meals.

Cruise travelling is the most ideal way to spend your vacation as it is relaxing, enjoyable, entertaining and luxurious.

However, before you decide to cruise, always consider the following:


First things first, always decide on where you would like to visit before paying for a cruise ticket.

Deciding on where to visit helps in budgeting, packing and even planning. You can also choose the channel to use as ships travel through the sea, rivers and even lakes.


Consider the costs that you might incur while cruising and you can always compare prices and offers from different cruise lines and choose one that suits you best.

Despite the ship providing basic services such as meals and accommodation, it is important to consider the other costs that you are likely to incur while on board or while visiting the destinations.


Cruising can take a long time and people with limited time are always at a disadvantage. In fact, most people who cruise are old as they do not have a pressing need to meet deadlines, report to work or take kids back to school on time.

However, you can always choose a cruise that fits your schedule without missing any important deadlines or event back at home.


This is one of the most determining factors when it comes to cruising. Before travelling, make a point of checking the meals being offered due to allergies and destinations for those prone to infections and attacks.

Also consider toddlers travelling as they may be affected due to changes in weather, climate and even suffer from motion sickness. This also helps in determining which vaccinations or medication to get.

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Consider current weather pattern at the vacation destinations as it will help you determine what to carry, when to take your vacation and also who to bring along during the cruise travel. Seasons can also determine which vaccinations and medications to get too.

Reasons Why People Prefer Cruise Travelling

Offers multiple destinations

Cruising is one of the many ways to visit different destinations within a limited period of time as the cruise ship makes stops at many ports. For people who are into site seeing and enjoy nature while in water, this is the best way to travel as it offers all this at no extra cost.

As cruise ships travel mostly at night, it gives you an opportunity to be in water at night and enjoy the outside world.

Meeting new people

This is the best way to make friends as being cooped up for a few days or months alone becomes boring. Interacting with other people in the ship helps one make new friends who can last as long as the cruise or become lifetime friends as cruises draw people from different walks of life.

Packages and Bonuses

Cruise lines offer attractive packages to potential travelers and if you are planning to cruise, consider travelling when you can gain the most from the deals. They also offer bonuses while cruising and this reduces costs estimated to be incurred.

Reasons Why People Dislike Cruise Travelling

Hidden costs

Cruising can be expensive especially to first timers. This occurs mostly when cruise lines provide less information about what they actually offer under the package and when receiving more services and products not listed on the packages but are available.

These includes: spa treatments, alcoholic drinks, baby sitters charges, tips and even transaction costs on the cruise lines credit cards each time you swipe.

Tourist Traps

The docking time for a cruise ship is always known and locals at each port might hike prices to take advantage of the tourists visiting their place. They may also sell goods and services from other locations and this reduces the authenticity of the culture around the place.

Time Limit

Cruise ship have a specific schedule that they follow at all times and this reduces the time a traveler has to visit all the destinations and enjoy the richness and value at each place. Cruise ships also start a cruise at a specific time of the year every time and leaves those without vacation time at that particular time disadvantaged.


Some cruise ships do not provide enough room for kids to enjoy the vacation as they are geared towards pleasing adults. Kids on board might not enjoy the vacation as expected.

Cruise travelling is great for everyone and you should consider it while making plans for your next vacation

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Your Ultimate Guide To Cruise Travelling

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