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The Most Beautiful Coral Reefs In Asia

The Most Beautiful Coral Reefs In Asia

What could be more amazing than diving into the depths of the ocean and seeing the underwater world, besides traveling to space? And sometimes not even the space has too much wonder to it as the coral reefs do. A world that is full of colour, with all kinds of beautiful fish that will make you question how can such a beauty exist so out of sight.

What does a coral reef actually mean? A coral reef is an ecosystem built around corals by calcium carbonate. Sounds strange? Then let’s dig deeper into a simpler explanation. Imagine many many tiny animals living together in colonies, thus giving the structure of the coral reefs.

The latter are actually really fragile ecosystems which are highly sensitive to changes in their environments and many have already lost their life due to these changes.

The land of the exciting stories of full-on adventure, Asia, is popular for its most beautiful coral reefs. The biodiversity here is the best in the world, attracting so many curious tourists or people who cannot get enough of this amazing underwater world. And how can you blame them?

Therefore, how many beautiful coral reefs can actually be on the continent of Asia? The answer is that there are quite a lot of them, waiting for you to discover their magical existence. To help you start at the beginning, here are ten locations of the most beautiful coral reefs from all over Asia.

1. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo National Park, Indonesia


Komodo National Park is located directly in the centre of Indonesia and is home to many ecosystems which are highly being taken care of, including the spectacular coral reefs. The latter attracts tourists and biologists altogether.

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Komodo National Park is the name for three islands and their rich marine life will for sure allow you to have a once in a lifetime experience. The diversity, which consists of over one thousand of tropical fish and 260 species of coral, will without doubt hook you on diving.

2. Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan

Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan


Kerama Islands are 20 in number, but as a matter of fact, only 5 are inhabited, the rest remaining to the nature itself. The wildlife and sealife here is rich and absolutely rewarding for each of you who are willing to explore them. Even humpback whales travel around here.

Diving experiences are at their highest, with more than 30 available sites, including for beginners who can take their chances where it is allowed to do so.Therefore, they are available to anyone since there are guided diving journeys as well. You have to just say yes, and the opportunities will appear in the blink of an eye.

There are 60% of the variety of Japan’s coral reefs living here, namely 248 types. To add up to this, the water is vastly transparent and clear as the sky, in the perfect weather conditions of course.

3. Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands, Thailand


An abundant sea life and the perfect conditions for diving are what the Similan Islands can definitely guarantee you. Travelers from around the world come here mostly for diving or snorkeling, and their experiences encouraged this destination to be named among the top of the finest dive destinations.

The sea of Andaman has a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and this will enable you to explore it during the period which starts with October and ends with May.

4. Hon Kho Island, Vietnam

Hon Kho Island, Vietnam


Hon Kho is an uninhabited island, which is located ten minutes away by boat from Nhon Hai Commune. Here you may enjoy deserted beaches, small and sandy, rocky cliffs and wilderness, and least but not last, the amazing coral reefs, untouched by too many tourists.

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This may be the perfect destination for a family, due to the fact that the corals are quite close to the beach, where the water does not exceed two meters in depth. Even if you missed your swimming lessons, there seems to be no problem as you can benefit from a swimming vest and simply enjoy the view with your goggles.

Is there more needed to be said for you to be convinced that this is a great place to explore the underwater?

5. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam


As mentioned in their article, Phu Quoc is unmistakably a hub for the sealife, where 108 corals live among 135 coral reef fish and many other marine life forms. Here you may as well encounter the unique hawksbill and green turtles. Just cross your fingers and take your goggles.

What is more to the adventure on the Phu Quoc island is the Sao Beach, which has snow white beaches and a 20 km one which will make you fall in love with sunsets and sunrises.

6. Tulamben, Indonesia

Tulamben, Indonesia


Tulamben is the small village which lies on the North East coast of Bali, and besides its long diving sites, a 1942 US Army ship attacked by a Japanese submarine is just offshore. The view is spectacular due to the corals which grew all over the shipwreck, transforming it into a some kind of sea life form.

7. Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, Philippines

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, Philippines


Having been a world heritage site since 1993, the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park is home for yet another hub of sealife. Divers are attracted to the coral reefs which are located here due to the fact that the coral sites are abruptly interrupted only to give way to even deeper waters.

These vertical walls are also home for many species of fish, namely parrotfish, barracudas, moray eels and many more. Here we can once more find the hawksbill turtle, which is actually an endangered species.

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As it is well-known by the scientists who explored the area, the colourful corals occupy more than two-thirds of the sea territory, thus there is plenty to be seen.

8. Apo Reef, Philippines

Apo Reef, Philippines


Apo Reef is called by many the most beautiful coral reef in the whole of Asia. Why is it so? Is it so because Apo Reef is by far the most famous diving site around Mindoro and Pandan Islands and also because you can find here over 500 species of marine species and around the same number of coral types.

By being 34 square kilometres in space territory, it is the second largest connecting coral reef system in the world and the first largest in the country.

9. Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

Pom Pom Island, Malaysia


Pom Pom Island is a small island situated in the Eastern Malaysia and the environmentalists are the happiest here while exploring it as it is less polluted than the rest of the coral reefs in the world.

The pristine turquoise waters and the colourful coral reefs will make your trip worthwhile.

10. Son Tra Peninsula, Vietnam

Son Tra Peninsula, Vietnam


Son Tra Peninsula is located about 10 km further away from North-Eastern Da Nang. The corals are not presented here more special than in another coral reef, but the coral fish are at their best here, playing around and ready to be admired. Many species transform the diving sites into great experiences.

We have now explored 10 of the most beautiful coral reefs in Asia which are ready to allow you to emerge yourself into the world of colours and sealife.

However, as a side note, be mindful and caring for this amazing world of colourful fish and corals, as it is stated that coral reefs are endangered by many human activities all over the world.

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The Most Beautiful Coral Reefs In Asia


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