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5 Of The Best Places To See Wildlife In America

America is the land of all possibilities and we all know this. What makes America great, among all the other things, is its nature. Nature here is so diverse, that you can end up in a desert after just hiking up on the mountains, or visiting the lakes and so on. America is vast, and it encompasses many wildlife sites for the ones that are on the lookout for them.

There may not be a perfect process of sorting out the best places to visit wildlife in America, but USA today, 10best, in collaboration with wildlife experts have come up with the best 10 places where you can indulge yourself into what nature has the best to offer.

Top 5 is almost too much for you to thoroughly enjoy while on your vacation, thus explore these and start from here.

1. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge provides home to the species that were once gravely endangered and to the ones that were introduced back by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

It was established back in 1901 and now the American bison, the Rocky Mountain elk, and the white-tailed deer are once more in their habitat, enjoying the green grass and the lands. Along with them more than 50 mammal, 240 birds, 64 reptile and amphibian, 36 fish, and 806 plant species make this refuge a place of wildlife wonders.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)


This wildlife refuge is defined by 59,020 acres, which are mostly covered in prairie, with mountains and rocks, making this vegetation the perfect one for the animals that are utilizing this space.

2. Yellowstone National Park (Montana, Wyoming)

Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana and it has been protected since 1864. It has come a long way and it is now the second most visited National Park in America. Striking landscapes, beautiful sceneries and a lot of activities, are what makes this place so attractive for nature enthusiasts.

It is surrounding 1200 square miles of deep valleys, meadows and all of the best of wildlife, and yet the most fascinating thing is how everything transforms into a winter wonderland when the snow and coldness appear around these lands.

Yellowstone National Park (Montana, Wyoming)


Many visit this park for the variety of the activities that happen around every hobby that can be done here, but what makes it even more special for visitors is the Old Faithful cone geyser, which erupts, creating a show for everybody to enjoy the magic of nature.

From watching wildlife to admiring the canyon from the Artist’s Point, everything is fascinating in Yellowstone National Park.

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3. Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota)

The bison and elk name this place home too. The prairies and the vast land are perfect for these animals to grow and keep their species safe. But what exactly makes this park even more special than the others? As Yellowstone National Park has the canyon, Wind Cave National Park, as the name indicates, hides beneath its prairies a really captivating cave.

It is said to be part of the most complex and the longest caves of the world, thus making it a space to discover and emerge yourself into knowing more. The name comes from the barometric winds which are present at the entrance.

Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota)


The mountains meet the plain and the pronghorn will for sure out run you. The wildlife is in its most natural state here, therefore keep in mind to keep a safe distance from the animals, both for yours and for theirs sake, and keep looking because you might even see an elk.

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4. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (Colorado)

Encompassing 15,000 acres, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge was firstly established to protect and care for the Bald eagle nesting and winter roosting habitat, attracting along the way more animals. This refuge consists mainly of lakes and prairies, which are home to bison, deer and even coyotes.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (Colorado)


This wildlife refuge is the human’s way of protecting the animals and overall nature that needs protection. Here you will find peace and quiet, and many mammals, amphibians, reptiles and many species of birds waiting for you to observe them.

5. Denali National Park (Alaska)

Denali National Park might seem as being the same with the rest, but it is not. It is simpler and more wild and raw. What makes this park more attractive is the fact that it has only one road and only one way to enter the road.

Here you will find no hotel, but only one old fashion way of spending the night, namely the camping areas, where you will for sure be more connected with the nature which surrounds you.

Denali National Park (Alaska)


The road will take you from forests, to sceneries, and up to the mountains. Regarding the latter, Denali is home to North America’s tallest peak, which attracts, all seasons round, tourists who are willing to take their risk in mountaineering. Be open to reading this land’s history, including the fascinating part based on the dinosaurs living.

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These five best places might just give you the needed boost to be more endearing into trying new things and explore a bit more of the nature that surrounds us. There is only magic left to be discovered!

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5 Of The Best Places To See Wildlife In America

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