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Before Falling Madly In Love, Remember To Pack A Parachute

Before Falling Madly In Love, Remember To Pack A Parachute

Falling in Love may be described as a whirlwind of emotions and moments which freeze in time, or at least it sure feels so from inside. Most of us have fallen in love once or twice during our lifetime and while the feeling is completely empowering, sometimes when it all comes tumbling down, the world feels just a bit strange when we are back to the real life of broken hearts.

Why is it so dangerous in falling in love and why do we need to have a safety net for us to catch us in cases of emergency? Is falling in love actually a fall into the depth of paradise making it hard to keep our feet on the solid ground?

Many questions are posed while discussing about love. The concept itself is hardly described by solid arguments and facts, instead it is always described by the feelings you feel once more. Thus, in an attempt to describe the fall, I will require you to remember to pack a parachute.

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”

Albert Einstein

Love is never certain

Love suddenly appears and it grows fast on you, and the world gets itself into a huge spin, which does not stop until the butterflies in your stomach are not released. But somehow, love can for sure be gone as suddenly as it appeared. Laws seem to never apply on this area of our human lives and it is forever confusing.

As love is never certain, you must be sure of yourself. Know your strengths and never lose yourself in the love you share with somebody else. As you know who you are, you will be more available in understanding a person and in loving her/him as you may need to as well.

Therefore, even if love is never guaranteed, you must be sure that you can come back home to yourself and find love there too. You are the only sure thing in this love story.

Love is never certain

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Love can be tiring

A relationship takes a lot of work and you ought to be sure of the extensive amount of time it takes to grow it into something strong and unshakable. In other words, a healthy relationship will require compromises from both of the partners and the mutual experimentation of this commonly unknown field.

Love can be tiring, but it is also completely normal to be so. For the best things in life, you have to work and be with your head in the game, right? Therefore, how can it not be the same for love too? Imagine that love is a flower. It grows by just breaking the soil and making way, and in time it grows into something so beautiful.

In saying that love is tiring, you should understand that it will not be always beautiful and simple, that at times can reach bumps and form cracks and remember all of the efforts you will have to put in. Our closest relationships will always prove to be filled with challenges along the way, while making us vulnerable in a way or another.

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Love can be one-sided

There is always a greater risk in falling in love than all of the other risks, namely the one when a person loves another but love does not find its way back to the source. While falling in love, remember that you do not have to blame yourself if the other will not love you back. It is not your fault, and it will never be. If your love is pure, it will find its way back home when the time and the person is right.

Love can be one-sided

Do not fret if it was not meant to be, because these feelings will make you bitter and have regrets upon the whole idea of falling in love. If you feel it, then it is real, thus you only have lessons left to learn and you must walk forward towards your purpose.

“ She wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way. ”

Nicholas Sparks

Let love breath on its own

As you find yourself into the situation of loving somebody so madly as the nights turn into love stories, remember that you have to let love breath on its own. Continue doing your passions, and dream on about your life.

Do not stop only because you have found love. Love will need novelty and you will need it too. Remember to pack a parachute for your dreams. Do not leave them in the back of your mind and forget all about them.

Be present for yourself first, and afterwards let the rest come. Regard yourself, the love, and your partner as the best trio, each on its own. It might be just the best scenario, as the human beings need progress and keep on seeking self discovery along the way.

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Let love be natural

Let love be natural

In falling madly in love with someone, there is always fault to be found in the not seeing clearly side effect. You start to force things and be afraid of the unknown. It might be pretty scary to be losing the love you have, but you will never have any power upon it anyway, so let love be natural. If it is meant to be, it will definitely be.

Once love is natural, it will flourish and breath in and out more love. It will rain in streams over you and it will give you feelings of being protected. You cannot lose your mindfulness while falling in love with somebody else, as this might only lead to frustration and anxieties.

Being mindful of what you feel and what it is that you want it to become, you will for sure allow it to unfold.

Love will become comfortable

You have to be prepared for this, as the love progresses, it will grow into something stronger but comfortable at the same time. You will become accustomed to your partner and there will no more be only about roses and kisses.

It will become more real and more down to Earth, but there is nothing wrong in that.

Enjoy your romantic gestures at the beginning of your romantic journey, but be as well prepared for the things that come after a while. It will be more beautiful, but also less exciting. There is no way that somebody can prepare you for this, other than yourself. This is the journey of your lifetime.

“I know what happens at the end of falling-landing”

John Green

Love will become comfortable

Before falling madly in love, remember to pack a parachute, as the parachute will allow you to bloom in or out of your relationship. It will show you the way to yourself, and to who you actually are.

A safety assurance is the thing you will need the most in love, but don’t emerge yourself into keeping yourself safe, as the point in falling in love is in the fact of being always fearless, vulnerable and unsure when you will feel like it.


Before Falling Madly In Love, Remember To Pack A Parachute

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