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Men Suffer More Than Women During A Break-up

Men Suffer More Than Women During A Break-up

It is common belief that women are unable to handle break-ups. This is generally due to the fact that women are perceived to be more emotional than men. On the contrary, men handle break-ups and heart breaks more miserably than women. Recent studies are revealing that the male gender is often poor in handling break-ups.

This can generally be attributed to how men are raised, how well they express their emotions among other factors. Without pre-emptying my content, here are 15 reasons why men suffer more than women after break-ups;

· Men are poor in handling emotions

Men are poor in handling emotions

It is well known that men are poor in expressing their emotions. It is also true that men handle their emotions poorly and it is due to this reason that they tend to suffer more after a break-up.

Unlike women, most men don’t have a male friend that they can confide with when going through emotionally challenging times. You see, when women are going through turbulent times, they share their feelings and emotions with their besties which is very rare in men.

Most men prefer to bottle up their emotions and face them alone rather than share them out. This has proven costly to the male gender as it continues to suffer in silence.

· The male ego

There is a saying that says, a man’s ego is as delicate as a woman’s heart. What people don’t realize is that although men are masculine and sometimes well built, they have a fragile ego.

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Most of the times, men are not willing to admit both to themselves and to others that their relationship is over. Men would do anything to prevent their egos from being bruised and that is why they take more time to admit that their relationships are over.

· Men don’t have emotional support

Men mostly often live as a lone wolf. This basically means that most men will depend on their girlfriends and wives for personal and emotional support. So, when they break up, it becomes extremely hard for them to cope alone.

A number of studies has shown that women has a network of support unlike men who depend solely on their partners for support. This ends up hurting them after a heart break or break-ups where they lose both their partners and their emotional support.

· The caveman mentality

The caveman mentality

In history, the early man used to live in caves where his core responsibility was to hunt for food and to protect his family. These traits can also be found in the modern-day man who is generally possessive in nature.

This is why men may feel like they have lost some possessions of sorts when they break-up with their girlfriends. The situation is worse if he loses her to one of his friends or close confidant.

· Deep Attachment

It is often said that when a woman loves, she loves for real. When it comes to men, they are hard creatures who take time to fall in love but when they do, they fall hard. Men have deep attachments to their loved ones which makes it hard to completely get over a woman he fell head over heels for.

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Even though he may move on, he will often find himself comparing his girlfriend with the ex-girlfriend or worse still. In some cases, men find themselves dating girls with similar features or traits.

· Life Experiences

Generally, women tend to have more relationship than men. This is due to the fact that most women are taught, at a tender age, that men are heartless animals who will break their hearts at some point in their lives.

So, when a woman gets her heart broken, she is better positioned to handle it. Women also tend to have more relationships that men. This means they have the time and experience to cope with a heart-break.

This is different in men. No one tells a young boy that women can break their hearts and since most men have very limited relationships, they often have no clue on how to handle a break up.

· Being dumped is too hard for men

Being dumped is too hard for men

Contrary to what most people believe, most women end their relationship. In fact, a study released by YouGov shows that about 84% of men questioned admitted to have been dumped by their female counter parts.

76% of the women questioned said they were the instigators of break-ups. While break-ups are hard for both parties, the side that was the happiest (mostly men) will be more hurt.

· Men are not well prepared for break-ups

As surprising as this may sound, men are mostly more shocked by break-ups than women. Women have been found to adjust way better than men after break-ups. It is said that women have a mental plan of life after the relationship which makes them handle heart breaks exceptionally well.

Men on the other hand may get caught unaware by break-ups. Even though a man may see cracks in a relationship, break-up is the last thing he can imagine.

· Bruised self-esteems

Being in a relationship generally feels good and the thought of someone loving you makes your head spin. However, when that relationship ends, it leaves a bitter taste and more often than not, we always find ourselves rethinking and reassessing ourselves.

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Getting heartbroken on severally occasions makes men to be a bit cautious in future. Men, who get dumped on several occasions usually have low self-esteems and they change their views of love and relationships.

· Men are habitual in nature

Men generally follow a habit pattern and this makes it hard for them to change from one state of mind to another. This means that men generally take time to adjust their focus from a certain point to another.

This makes it harder for a man to move on after break ups. Men do believe in the saying that old habits die hard.

· Women are better at recognizing end signs

Men tend to be blind when it comes to spotting signs that a relationship is about to end. This means that the woman will be less shocked when the relationship ends than the man.

Men also tend to drag out of the relationship while on the other hand, women move out in a matter of days. Men can take weeks to make a conclusive decision about the relationship.

· The younger the man, the harder it will be for him

The younger the man, the harder it will be for him

It has been found that younger men are hit the hardest by heartbreaks. The twenty something males will have a hard time coming to terms with heartbreaks. Their self-worth and identity are the worst affected areas in a heartbreak.

At this age, the young man has not developed a strong network of friends so he tends to confide more with his partner. This is why he will be greatly affected by the breakup.

· It is always hard for the man to start over

It has been found that men always struggle to move on from a broken relationship. This is due to several factors such as the man is still shocked from the break up and also due to the fact that their partner also doubles up as his close confidant.

So, when things go south, the man will have a hard time confiding with another woman.

Although break ups are hard for both men and women, the above reasons have shown us that men are the worst hit by breakups.

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Men Suffer More Than Women During A Break-up

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