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Most Popular Pets In The World - 2018

A pet is regarded as a companion animal set aside mainly for an individual's company, protection, or/and entertainment. A pet is kept to exclude any e following: laboratory animal, working animal, and livestock.

It is regarded an animal that is capable of healing their owner from a distressed past, both psychologically and physically.

The two most common and popular pet types are dogs and cats. They have been with man for decades and are noted for their cuteness or important temperaments. Aside cats and dogs, the following are commonly kept as pets: ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters among others.

Popular Pets

In some instances, some avian companions such as parrots and passerines; reptile such as tortoises, snakes and lizards; aquatic animals; arthropod and even insects among others have been used as pets.

This article expresses the names of the most popular breeds of pets in the world today. It also includes a brief overview of the factors that influence their existence and popularity in most part of the world as well as the reasons for their popularity. Do Enjoy.

The Most Popular Pets in the World

What are the most popular pets in the world of today?

In determining this question, certain factors must be considered ranging from its population in the world, the rating based on survey reports, worldwide acceptance, preference factors, closure to its owners, and cost in purchase and maintenance, among other factors. In this article, the selected most popular pets based on these factors include Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Fishes, Mice, Birds, Snakes, Tortoises, Iguanas, Ferrets, Bunnies and Guinea pigs.

Factors that Influences the Pets’ Existence

Several factors determine the existence of certain types of pets today and they have greatly affected their number in the world today. Some of these factors are explained hereunder:

1. General Acceptance: In the world of today, it is believed that there are mostly two types of pets; dogs and cats. These two types of animals definitely inhabit in most homes across most part of the world of today.

Though there are other animals capable of offering the same great companionship, these two animals as pets are regarded generally as the most accepted.

2. Mythology and Tradition: In most Asian countries such as China, cats are believed to bring good luck and goldfish is said to bring prosperity to its owner. In China, goldfish breeding instigated over 1,000 years ago, and many breeds are still available today.

Tortoises, on the other hand, are highly regarded as highly prized pets in some parts of Asia. They have been linked with ancient mythology, where they are said to be able to offer long life to its owner.

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3. Location or Country: The enabling environments to breed some of these animals have made it possible to keep certain animals as pets. The availability of water in certain parts of China for instances have made it possible to keep certain species of aquatic animals as pets.

Reptiles such as snakes and lizards are also getting more popular in the United Kingdom because of the enabling environment that will embrace their breeding. In most part of Africa, snakes are being killed on sight.

4. Health and Wellbeing: Pets are kept in most part of the world to provide various health benefits for their owners. They provide company to people in solitude or elderly people who lack in a certain social relationship with other persons. It is also possible for pets to ease social interactions. 

They can help to provide their owner someone to take care of them, as well as help them heal from a distressed past, both bodily and psychologically.

5. Religious Beliefs: Religion has a great impact on the availability of certain pets in certain parts of the world today. In most Asian and African countries, dogs and pigs are regarded unclean animals according to religious beliefs.

Thus, it will be scarce to find someone keeping the dog as pets.

6. Availability of Vegetarians: It might be funny, but it’s the truth. Most animals used as pets are delicious delicacies in soups. In Japan, for instance, bunnies and birds are popular.

This is mostly due to the availability of a group of vegetarians available. In some parts of the world, certain insects and fishes rich in proteins are used as pets.

1. Dogs

Dogs are rated one of the most popular pets in many countries in the world. In the United State, it is regarded as the most popular pet. According to the report of Live Science (2013), there are over 75 million dogs in the United State alone. In some reports, there are more Labrador Retriever and English Cocker Spaniel species in dogs.


Reasons for Dogs’ Popularity

It is no doubt that dogs have been one of the first accepted pets in the society and have still been largely accepted in virtually all countries in the world. Research has shown that dogs have high loyalty and protection for their owners. They are regarded as a very interesting type of animals that one can tolerate benefit from.

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In summary, the under listed made dogs one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Dogs possess highly loyal and protective traits,

· This pet is regarded intelligent. Aside from being protective, they can also be a guard,

· Some dogs can be trained to perform certain tasks and chores,

· Most dogs used as pets are affectionate with their owners (especially kids),

· They are good at reading moods of their owner and provide them comfort,

· They are sturdy and do not require a lot of care,

· It has been observed that most dogs are not terribly expensive, and

· Dogs’ food is not very expensive. Most of them can eat most of your normal daily meal.

2. Cats

Cats are lovely animals that are regarded to have a cuddy, sweet and cute pets. They are animals that require low maintenance and love to play. They were mostly used in the past to control the issue of rodents in the house. It is the most favoured pet in some countries in North America.


Reasons for Cats’ Popularity

It is no doubt that cats love to play. They are acrobatic and cheerful most of the time when with their owner. Cat loved to be pet and cuddled. They are loyal and can learn certain traits such as litter cautiousness.

Cats are very playful and friendly, though they are sometimes seen as an aloof creature in isolation. They are sometimes seen to be creative with most learning how to play certain games.

In summary, the under listed made cats one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Cats possess highly loyal and protective traits,

· This animal is one that can be trained. A cat once played the piano,

· Cats are playful and cheerful,

· They are easy to be maintained and cared for. They do not need a bath,

· As regards lone times, cats can be left alone at home for a while,

· Unlike some other animals, they can tolerate a couple of others cats with them,

· Most cats as pets love to be pet and cuddled (it is a fun thing to do),

· They can manage their litters (they can use a litter-box), and

· Cats can be able to track mice in your house (that’s a plus).

3. Hamsters

Hamsters are commonly seen as a small but cute animal that is used as pets. It is popular as a pet due to its friendly and disease-free characterization. These furry pets take a lot of care and attention as much as they provide fun and comfort for their owners. They are found in Syria.


Reasons for Hamsters’ Popularity

Hamsters were mostly used in the past as lab animals, not until they were considered cute and safe to be a pet. Hamsters are cute animals that are easy to handle and care for. They are self-satisfied and calm. These pets are very playful and can be trained.

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In summary, the under listed made Hamsters one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Hamsters received a royal seal of approval. This made it very popular,

· They possess a high loyal trait that is adorable,

· They are cute and sweet in appearance,

· Like cats, they also loved to be cuddled. This will definitely comfort its owner,

· With this pet, there is a great chance of managing their poo,

· This pet can be trained like a dog or a cat, and

· Hamsters are self-content. They are ever happy and can play alone,

4. Fishes

Fishes are very delightful pets. They are kept by aquarists in an aquarium or garden pond for pleasure and comfort. There is a wide variety of fish which are chosen as a pet, among which the goldfish being the most popular. It is a pleasant and comforting thing to watch beautiful fish swim in an aquarium.


Reasons for Fishes’ Popularity

In the world of today, the keeping of fishes has been an enjoyable thing to do. They have in time become a desired pet for people in the world especially those seeking company and easing. Watching them swim in an aquarium is relaxing. It helps to calm the mind of its owner as well as visitors. Fishes are very playful and sweet when they are busy in water.

In summary, the under listed made fish one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Fishes possess a sense of calmness to viewers,

· Fishes are inexpensive to buy,

· Unlike cats, dogs and other furry animals, they don’t cultivate destructive behaviours when left alone at home.

· Fishes are quite. They don’t bark at night to cause nuisance,

· The maintenance cost for keeping fish is relatively low,

· In establishing a place to house them, you don’t need to spend more,

· They also require less space (especially the smaller species), and

· They are regarded clean animals.

5. Mice

Mice are very small adorable pets that are regarded intelligent. They are relatively easy to look after. This made them ideal as the first pet for a child. They are active at night. In other words, when the child is busy at school, they are busy snoring in bed.


Reasons for Mice’s Popularity

Mice are very playful, and sociable. They are cute little animals that are very easy to be cared for. Even kids can care for them with little or no supervision. Their personalities can be a fun thing to explore them as a social animal. Most mice tend to form a strong bond with children.

In summary, the under listed made Mice one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Mice can act as cats. As pets in homes, they tend to drive away rats,

· They are very pretty and adorable pets,

· Mice are relatively cheap pets,

· They bring comfort to the owner when cuddled,

· They are very sociable,

· They can be cultured to manage poop,

· Mice are very busy and playful pets, and

· They can be left to play on their own, especially when with other mice,

6. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are docile animals that are friendly and affectionate. The approachability to feed and handle them, and the comparative comfort of caring for them, had made them popular pets in the world today.

Guinea Pigs

Reasons for Guinea pigs’ Popularity

It is no doubt that guinea pigs have a pleasant temperament and are seen to have no tendency to bite their proprietors. Guinea pigs are very playful, clean and smart. They are regarded as one of the pets that are very easy to care for. They do not require special attention like most of the conventional pets.

In summary, the under listed made Guinea pigs one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Guinea pigs are cute pets and are very clean,

· Aside from being very clean, they are healthy animals,

· Guinea pigs possess a very welcomed temperament,

· They require simple caging system since they can jump and climb,

· As regards feeding, guinea pigs are easily fed, and

· These pets have little to be sick. They are hardly associated with health problems,

7. Birds

Birds are very distinctive animals. They are generally admired by nature lovers for their beauty and songs. There are several types of birds. The most popular is the companion parrots (scarlet macaw and budgie) and Passerines (finches and canaries). Other species like lovebird, cockatiels, budgerigars, pigeons, doves and finches among others can be trained to be pets as well.


Reasons for Birds’ Popularity

Birds are also popular when it comes to pets. Aside from offering a lot of varieties, they are very sweet creatures. They are charming companions that can live for a long time. Most people go for birds in the list of pets because of its sweet appearance and charming tweets. They are less expensive and can be sociable.

In summary, the under listed made bird one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Birds possess a high sense of comfort,

· Birds are social creatures and can learn to live with other birds,

· Most birds as pets are smart (an example is the Scarlet Macaw),

· They are good pets for nature lovers due to their activities (such as singing),

· Some birds, such as pigeons and doves may require little attention,

· They can be trained to perform some tasks or display certain skills,

· In maintaining some birds, it requires only a little amount of money,

· Birds are very playful especially in their cages, and

· These pets are cheap to be fed.

8. Snakes

Snakes are fascinating animals that can be used as pets, providing they are treated with respect. Though they are seen to be very scary, most of them have been attributed to be very attracted to their owners. They are most common with people who have allergies to furry pets like cats and dogs.


Reasons for Snakes’ Popularity

It is no doubt that most of these animals are mean, but today, they have been accepted as pets in most parts of the world. Most people who choose to go for this pet attributed their decision based on the features it possesses. It is known that snakes have a slimy and cold body that makes them appealing to feel. Snakes can be playful and are easily satisfied as long as they are fed well and kept warm. They provide a sense of comfort to its owners.

In summary, the under listed made a snake one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Snakes possess highly loyal and protective traits,

· Snakes require less space compared to certain domestic traditional animals,

· Snakes as a pet can be fed occasionally, usually within a week to two,

· The feeling of a snakes body gives comfort and satisfaction,

· They can be left alone for a while at home, and

· The lifespan of most snakes used as a pet can be up to 50 years.

9. Tortoises

Tortoises are reptiles that are valued as a mythical animal in most countries in the world. They are believed to bring long life to their owners in most of these countries. They are one of the sweetest quiet animals that can be used as a pet.


Reasons for Turtles’ Popularity

They were mostly seen in the past to hold royal traits. It is no doubt that this animal as a pet can be easily taken care of. Turtles though seen sluggish, they can be very playful and gives you fun when watching them go in and out of their shells as well as hanging out in the open field to receive the light of the sun.

In summary, the under listed made tortoise one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Tortoises possess high loyal traits,

· Tortoises have a long lifespan. Some can live over hundreds of years,

· Most tortoises are relatively small in size,

· Their feeding is very convenient. They are herbivores,

· Tortoises have unique personalities,

· Their housing is made easy. They can be cared for in an open pen or in ponds,

· They are lovers of the light, and

· They live for a very long time. In most cases, they are regarded as friends for life.

10. Iguanas

Iguanas are animals that fall into the family of lizards. They appear to be very terrifying; they can be used as pets. They are very sensitive reptiles that are usually happy.

They were mostly used in the past as study animals which has developed an herbivorous lifestyle. This study was centred on their skull as they have undergone certain modification resulting into efficiency in processing of vegetation.


Reasons for Iguanas’ Popularity

Iguanas are happy desert animals. They live happily in their terrain which is required dry and spacious. They can live for more than 20 years if treated well with the desired care, shelter and food. The younger iguanas are exotic, cute and very easy to be cared for.

In summary, the under listed made Iguana one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Iguanas possess a simple feature that makes them easy to be handled,

· This pet is less expensive exclusive animals,

· Iguanas, like other reptiles, they are easily cared for (though requires certain attention as regards housing and food),

· They are herbivores, though might feed on insects sometimes,

· Their feeding is very simple and less expensive,

· They are very cute and easy going, and

· Iguanas have a longer lifespan (they can live for more than 20 years),

11. Ferrets

Ferrets are domesticated polecats. They are regarded fun and easy to be cared for. In the past (even in some part of the world today) most ferrets are used primarily for catching rabbits. They are adorable animals that are easy to be cared for.


Reasons for Ferrets’ Popularity

Ferrets became popular in the reign of Queen Victoria. Today, there are several homes in the world with ferrets as pets. It is no doubt that a major reason why this animal became popular was due to its possession of both the cat and dog’s qualities. They are playful and easy to be handled and pet.

The under listed made Ferret one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Ferrets possess highly loyal and protective traits,

· This is one pet that is observed playful,

· Aside from being a social animal, ferrets can be cultured,

· They are a pet that can be trained to control their litters,

· They are cute animals,

· Like the cats and dogs, ferrets are trainable,

· Ferrets sleep at night. When you get to bed, they also go to sleep,

· They are fairy peril free compared to snakes and other unusual pets,

· Ferrets are really good at relieving one's stress,

· They are animals that can adapt to several living conditions,

· As regards their lifespan, they can live for up to 10 years, and

· They sleep a lot and therefore do not disturb the house,

12. Bunnies

Bunnies are cute, clean and quiet animals that are listed one of the most popular pets in the world. They are famous in most part of the world for their vegan diet, always denoted by carrots.


Reasons for Bunnies’ Popularity

It is no doubt that these beautiful creatures are very cute and quiet. They are pets that have certain distinctive personalities. They are charming, distinctive and very interactive with its owner. Bunnies are very playful,

The under listed made Bunnies one of the most popular pets in the world of today.

· Bunnies are attractive animals,

· This pet is kept mostly because it is clean,

· They possess highly loyal and gentle traits,

· Bunnies are social animals,

· They are pets that require less space,

· Bunnies are very playful and cheerful,

· They are a pet that is loved by children,

· They are easily trained and may have a special bond with its owner, and

· This is a type of pet that is most advisable for smaller homes to adopt.

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Most Popular Pets In The World - 2018


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