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6 Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates

The world is big, and many people among us choose to explore it and explore their boundaries along with it. In traveling they find the freedom they seek and the diversity they crave for. Some of them are running away from a full time job routine, and some of them have only been dreaming about it for a long time.
Moreover, there are some avid travellers that just want to find the meaning of their life.
Whichever the case, deploying yourself on a long journey around the world is both fascinating and scary at the same time.
There are moments of complete freedom, but also moments in which you wish for stability. However, the moments of pure happiness will always beat off the ones of insecurities.
There is one sure thing that disturbs the peace of mind of an avid traveller, namely the questions that follow their decisions from their peers or people they meet along their way.
Here are 6 questions every avid traveller hates.
1. Why are you travelling?
Not many people will have a clear answer to such a question, mainly because sometimes it is too personal and sometimes it is just a bit too hard to answer. Diversity, culture, exploring, these should be obvious when you see a person that chooses travelling as a mean of meeting these.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
Asking an avid traveller why he is travelling, is like asking a painter why he is painting. There is an emotional desire in wanting to know more of this world, and often this is not easy to put into words. How could you explain to someone why you are doing what you are doing when your heart is at stake of being vulnerable?

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Therefore, never ask a long-term traveler this question. Ask him about his experiences, as these will be the ones which will show you the reason of why he is doing this.

2. Don’t you miss being in a one place only?
There is nothing permanent in anyone’s life and in seeking impermanence you may find your balance. Staying in a one place only means limiting yourself to a place that is already known by your existence, however it is nothing wrong in it if it feels like home to you.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
Once someone decides to travel the world, it means that he had made friends with impermanence up until this point and even if sometimes he may miss one place or another it does not necessarily mean he has to stop from his way to another one.

3. Aren’t you feeling lonely most of the time?
We may feel lonely even in the middle of a the crowded place, thus in traveling alone it is not some special type of loneliness. With traveling, you learn more about yourself and more about the world, you make peace with the differences and learn to embrace them.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
For sure, some of the avid travellers will feel from time to time lonely, but it is not a bad thing. It is refreshing and it allows you to pay attention. Therefore, never ask an avid traveller if he feels lonely because along his journey he wants to feel like he has the support of people.

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If you feel the urge to ask a traveller this, you would better tell him that you are inspired by his journey and that he should be proud of himself.

4. What did your family say?
Only because someone cannot understand the life of another, one should not try to find flaws in it. Allow someone to be exactly who he is. Hence, an avid traveller will forget about anything that stood in his way because it felt right to him, and it may be really important for the family to accept and be there for him.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
If you will pose such a question, do not be surprised to learn that some families are really supportive, while others are clearly and loudly expressing their refusal. And why does a long term traveller hate this question? Because some stories might be too emotional or they are just escaping from a trauma.

5. Do you want to have a family of your own?
While travelling, a traveller does not know what stability actually means. He only knows that he wants and needs to find something that allows him to let go of something or to discover something that teaches him about his life.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
An avid traveller is not thinking about the future as much as we do, because he experiences so many intense experiences that a future with a family of his own is not really something he pays a lot of attention at that certain point in his life.

6. How can you afford to travel so much?
The supreme question that everybody is asking is how can you afford to do it? It might get extremely annoying that everybody is wondering about the money and not about other things. If you want something bad enough, you make it happen. You save money for a period of time to afford your journey afterwards.

Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates
Moreover, you search for various part time jobs at the destination and you can even work as a freelancer. When the heart wants, the mind makes it happen. So yes, an avid traveller will always hate this question because this shouldn’t be a problem if you want to make your journey happen.

6 Questions Every Avid Traveller Hates

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