Thursday, 10 May 2018

8 Cheapest Tropical Places to Visit in 2018

Looking to take a cheap vacation in the tropics in 2018? Then you’ve come to the right place. As more and more travel planners are predicting that prices for the best destinations are on the rise in 2018, with hotel prices expected to go up by 4% and airfares to increase by 3.5%, it's entirely possible to take a trip to the tropics in 2018.

Tropical Place

Here are our best destinations for the budget traveler.

1. Zanzibar

To the uninitiated, Zanzibar may sound like a costly honeymoon island, but it's more budget-friendly that you could imagine. To reach this beautiful island, you can take a ferry from mainland Tanzania for only $35. A flight is only $100.

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You can stay at the many luxury resorts like Melia and Tulia.

2. Komodo Islands – Indonesia

If you're looking for a travel packed adventure that will not break the bank, head for Komodo islands. Brace yourself for the 7 Wonders of Nature that include the terrifying Godzillas known as the Komodo Dragons.

3. Jamaica

Jamaica has for long been a favoured destination for budget tourists in the tropics thanks to its laid-back culture, magnificent scenery and beautiful beaches.

4. Grenada

Grenada is a favourite tropical destination for travellers who shun the glamour and allure of Jamaica and neighbouring Barbados. Those who visit experience the island’s excellent beaches and laid back vibes.

5. U.S. Virgin Islands

If you can manage to steer clear of the military ports of call, it’s possible to have a great vacation in the USVI. With a little planning a few months in advance, these islands are accessible shopping destinations.

6. Cancun – Mexico

The best time to travel to this exotic gem is March because the airport is busiest all year round with round the clock flights from Northern America and Europe. Flights and hotels are also cheap in March.

7. Montego Bay – Jamaica

Situated along the northern coast of Jamaica, Montego bay offers affordable luxury which is a long way from the bare sketches of the country. It boasts a large and busy airport that has direct connections to many destinations in North America and Europe.

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This makes airfares slightly reasonable. Montego Bay is a popular weekend destination for many budget tourists.

8. Seychelles – East Africa

This archipelago comprising of hundreds of tiny islands, hosting some of the priciest resorts and tourist-friendly medium priced lodges is a popular destination for many across the globe. With its near magic all year sunny climate, Seychelles offers plenty of choices for the budget tourist.

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8 Cheapest Tropical Places to Visit in 2018


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