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Are You 'Manly' If You Wear Tight Jeans?

Tight Jeans

As you might have noticed, lately most of the men jeans are super tight and they are getting even tighter by the day. It is rather hard finding anything else but tight jeans in stores and men are pretty much pushed into wearing tight jeans no matter what.

Back in the day most men that wore tight jeans were associated with men that did not fancy girls that much, now it is a whole different story and most of the people do not find it as an association to that. The tight jeans became super popular in the men world, from toddlers to grown up men, everyone wears and buys tight jeans, there are exceptions but these are very rare to find.

Even though tight jeans seem to be selling insanely good, there are certain factors to look for before actually buying them. Do you find yourself handsome and manly wearing tight jeans? Do you find other people manly and handsome wearing tight jeans? If any of these answers is a NO in your book, you should probably avoid wearing super tight jeans.

Why to avoid tight jeans, why are they making you less manly than you are?

First and most important reason not to wear tight jeans is rather simple - we doubt they are very comfortable, actually they are not comfortable at all, sometimes not even comfortable to watch. It is super easy attracting stares when there is the mould bulging from the tight pants, and we believe that is not comfortable and laid back at all. Who would want to attract the stares for that reason in daily casual jeans? If you do, we are sorry but that is just not cool at all.

A boutique owner, Angie Mukaruriza has an amazing advice for the men who struggle with tight jeans, she says you should always try wearing them with normal wearing conditions:

“Try walking around in them and sit down to see if they are tight around the thighs. Also, bend to see if they excessively take the shape of your bottom. Pockets, too, tell a lot. Tight jeans can be uncomfortable for people who like pocketing a lot or carry things in them,”
Angie says.

This simple and easy task of finding them and putting them on should be the good reason enough to actually avoid them entirely.

Angie also says that there is another easy way to figure out if the pair of jeans is too tight :

“If the hem line goes right into the shoe, that is not a good fit.”

For those men who are 100% sure that tight jeans make them manly and very handsome - No you look just as every other guy on the street, everyone wears tight jeans now and it really does not make you special at all.

One of the female students from a local university says:

“There is nothing manly about a man in tight jeans. How different is he from a lady if his behind is jutting out, his thighs showing? Men’s jeans should leave some mystery,”

- we agree, there is truly nothing manly about a grown up man in tight jeans, men are supposed to be able to carry bunch of things in their pockets and never worry whether their butt looks good or bad in their favorite jeans. Favorite jeans are supposed to be the most comfortable piece of the clothing, we doubt tight jeans will ever get to that point.

We have found out about the survey that 2,000 men took and said about tight jeans, the results are sad, hilarious, discomforting? Figure it out yourself!

- 30% of the voters admits that they have experienced discomfort in their tight jeans.

- Every 1 out of 4 men said that they wear tight jeans just to look good, despite the huge amount of discomfort

- 40% of the voters actually says they rather be attractive than comfortable

- 50% of the voters admits to feel the tension in the groin when wearing tight jeans

- Over 25% of the voters have suffered from bladder problems

- Every 1 in 5 men said that they have experienced a twisted testicle

This is actually worrying to know, men are suffering thanks to the tight jeans that just simply became the most popular thing lately. Is it not enough to feel the pain while wearing tight jeans to decide you will never wear them again?!

We believe this is completely wrong, men have always tried to be as comfortable as possible, that made them manly, what happened?!

Tight jeans are built to lower the crotch area, it makes your legs appear shorter than they actually are, you feel a lot less mobile. Tight jeans actually make you less masculine thanks to their design, so that probably answers our question - No, tight jeans do not make you manly at all.

To make things even worse, the pockets on tight jeans are just made for the show, they are just a design feature and you do not get a lot of space for your wallet, keys or phone inside of them. It takes a lot longer to put on a pair of tight jeans compared to any other pair of pants on the market - it takes a bunch of wiggling to actually get inside of them. The sad reality is that most men do not have the proper body type to wear and look good in tight jeans, you are forcing your body to conform the shape of your tight jeans and that is wrong, it should be the other way around.

Now, before you all get defensive when it comes to tight jeans, it is just a matter of what you prefer, it is completely up to you whether you will suffer the pain and discomfort in order to look ‘good’, our advice is however rather simple - do not torture your own body in order to be popular, handsome and hot, you can be all that by being yourself and wearing clothes that actually make you feel good.

Are You 'Manly' If You Wear Tight Jeans?

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