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Buying A Gift For A Man Who Has Everything

Shopping for a man has to be one of the most difficult things to do. The selection of gifts for men is often limited, or so it seems, than that of women. Shopping for a man requires you to have a good understanding of the things he likes and dislikes. There are, however, different difficulties that come with finding a gift for men.


The easiest level of this task is if the man in question is your regular Joe. In this case, you have a higher success rate of predicting what they would like. The semi-difficult level is if the man in question is above average. These are men who are somewhere in between being a regular Joe and having everything they need. This state of limbo between wants and desires of such men offers an opportunity to find something that they still need and would be appreciated as a gift. The difficult level of this task is when you have to shop for a man who already has everything. Such men are rather difficult to impress.

Consider The Person You are Shopping For

When considering a gift for a man who seemingly has it all, sentimentality often trumps functionality. Since they have all that they would need, traditional gifts like a pair of shoes or a tie would not quite fit the bill. The gift has to be something with a personal touch, something with a lot of thought behind it.

So take a breath and think of the person you are shopping for, what do they like, what fascinates them, what are they passionate about? Answering these questions will help you come up with a rough idea of the ideal gift to get.

Collectibles Are Your Friend

Once you get to a stage in life where you have all that you need, people tend to gravitate towards that which is rare and rather difficult to find. Opting for a collectible is a safe way to ensure that you please your man. Again, you will need to put a lot of thought into it.


Getting an autographed book, music record or any other item from his favorite author, artists, actor or sports player would make for the perfect gift.

Custom Make It

The phrase ‘It’s the thought that counts’ is way more applicable in this scenario than when it is used as an excuse for giving bad gifts. Again, the man you are shopping for has all he needs to make his life comfortable.

A gesture such as having an engraved pair of cuff links, framing his favorite picture or having it painted is proof that you actually took some time and effort to think about the gift. Keeping it simple also goes a long way. A handmade card, as juvenile as it may sound, goes a long way to pulling at ones heart strings.

Make An Experience Out Of It

Gifts do not necessarily have to take a tangible form. If he has everything money can buy, chances are he is working himself to the bone to ensure that he can afford the luxuries he is used to. This means he works hard to take care of himself and of you. Surprising him with a trip to his favorite place or a meal at his favorite restaurant will go a long way into showing him that you care about him and that you appreciate all his hard work.

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Find something he likes to do but has not had time to do it for a while and make it happen. Memories are made of such moments and knowing that you were the reason behind, such a memory would be gift enough.


Buying A Gift For A Man Who Has Everything


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