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5 Relationship Killers And How To Avoid Them!

Relationships can be very complicated and challenging even when people are under the best circumstances, people try their best, but sometimes they do more harm than they previously planned. When the harm is done, it is hard to go back to how it was before, always think before you say or do something that you might regret.

In order to keep a healthy and functioning relationship it is important that you are aware of the life changes and support your partner requires. New relationships tend to have it a lot easier because it is just the start and both sides will do their best to understand and get along, no matter where you go eat, it will be fun, no matter which movie you go watch, it will be fun.

Relationship Killers And How To Avoid Them!

As the relationship matures and moves towards your goals - the hobbies, education and work will sometimes probably get in your way. It is extremely important that you have a healthy understanding of what your partner wants in life and the other way around.

Here are 5 Relationship Killers And How You Can Avoid Them!

1. Comparisons

If you ever think of how some of your friends built their relationship and then you compare it to yours, you might notice some differences. That is completely normal and you should never even think about it.

If you find yourself comparing your relationship with other relationships known to you, you might actually be destroying your own and that is something you probably do not want to happen - Comparisons are a real relationship killer in this case.


Try to think of the good differences your relationship has, these are a lot more important and they make your relationship unique. Never demand the same things as your significant other, if he/she makes a purchase of their own, there is really no need for you to do the same. Doing so means a continual equalizing of your relationship and that is also not a good thing.

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Your relationship thrives when you both have your own wishes, ideas and then you manage to combine them together. Sometimes it might seem as if some things are not fair, but that is the life for you, you need to be mature enough to realize that eventually it will all get balanced at the end of the day.

2. Family Conflicts

When in an relationship, there are a lot of questions to be asked and even more answers to reply to those questions. Sometimes, not answering is the best thing to do, even if it is your own mother/father/brother seeking for some answers.

It is quite obvious that each partner ensures their family respect, this responsibility falls especially on the individual whose family it is about. Try keeping your family drama away from your relationship, or do allow it but in very little ‘doses’. Getting your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend into a family fight is a real relationship killer that you need to try avoiding at all costs.

Family fights are our own thing to deal with and we should never get our significant other involved, the relationship bases on the two individuals, not their family drama.

3. Emotional Intimacy

A lack of emotional intimacy is a real relationship killer that not many speak about. Everyone already knows that it is very hard and difficult to maintain a relationship which lacks real emotional intimacy. A relationship that lacks emotional intimacy is usually the one that is easily broken.

Emotional Intimacy

A real relationship requires honesty and deep emotional talks sometimes, these things help your relationship grow and have the strongest attachment/bond to it. Emotional talks are not something you need to do everyday, but always make sure it is there somewhere and that you can always and easily speak of your emotions to your significant other.

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Sharing sadness, pain and worry is a crucial thing to deeper and stronger bond between you two.

4. Selfishness and Control

Relationships depend on the ‘give and take’, if you are selfish and you always seek to be in the control, you are picking the most annoying relationship killer that there is. It is important that you are sometimes a giver and sometimes taker, you cannot always get all the things you had in your mind, you will not always be able to pick the restaurant or a dog.

Selfishness and Control

Sometimes, you will need to accept your significant others ideas and plans and just go with it, even if you might have a better idea in your mind. The biggest problem in selfishness is that relationship always grows and a giver can become used up, soon the giver will start to recognize the taker’s selfishness and that will lead to bigger issues later on.

5. Disrespect

Disrespect is the killer of everything and a real relationship killer in this case. A healthy relationship is based on respect, without respect, the relationship suffers. A lack of respect in an relationship can lead to serious problems, even break ups. If you get in an argue easily, try to avoid using harsh words, name calling, yelling and comparing.

People tend to get very furious in fights, it is important to keep it cool and have a calm talk afterwards. Forcing a conversation and comparing your behaviours will just make it a lot worse. A lack of respect is truly one of the most undignified behaviors that there is, you do not need it!

Before you are done reading this article, think about the things you can change, think about the mistakes you have done and try changing them into something positive. If you are truly in love, never let anyone tell you how to love, you have your own way of loving, so does your significant other.

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Accept the flaws and mistakes from both sides and never turn your back to a real, deep conversation with your partner, your relationship grows the more you are ready to share and listen.

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5 Relationship Killers And How To Avoid Them!

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