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How To Get Slim Body At Home

Slim Body

I guess it is your desire to get that well-toned body, not just for show-off, but also for health purposes. I would not want to get you counting calories and restrict you to fad diets. These can be expensive for weight loss. I will share a number of tips on how to get a slim body at home.

Drink Water
I bet it is good to start with this point. Researchers recommend starting your day with a few glasses of plain water. This helps in jumpstarting your metabolism while also removing toxins from your body.

drink water

Have you ever realized how you feel hungry when you are thirsty? Some bit of psychology here. Drinking water frequently will minimize your hunger pangs. You can better do it some half an hour before meals. This will create a feeling of being full and therefore you will not over eat.

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Water also improves digestion, prevents constipation, cleanses the colon and helps your body cells to function properly. The more water you drink, the less water retention in your body.

Eat at home
Coincidentally, we are discussing how to get a slim body at home. And keeping it home, as regards meals, is the solution. The current state of development has left us taking more and more meals outside. The restaurants leave us with limited choices on what to eat. The most common menu items are fries, potato wafers, fried chicken, carbonated drinks, packaged crispies, packaged fruit juices, flavored cereals and other fast foods. These are high in fats and calories.

eat at home

At home, you can willfully include veggies, fruits and lean proteins. You may also consider packing this food to the office.

Eat more fiber
Consider including high fiber foods daily in your meals. These make you feel fuller after you eat and thus will reduce the frequency at which you eat. You will also realize that you chew high fiber foods for a longer time as compared to other foods. This enables the brain to register when you are full, thus no tendency to overeat.


High fiber foods also contain fewer calories than equal volumes of low-fiber foods. Such foods include oats, wheat flakes, muesli, fruits and salad.

Cut down on salts
I understand how salty snacks can be tempting. Quite a number of people are victim to chips, pretzels, crisps, high sodium pickles, pastries, cakes, cookies and other processed foods. These are known to result in high water retention in the body. The result? You will look bloated!


Such snacks are so addictive that it is difficult to be satisfied with one. So you will find yourself munching packet after packet, adding weight as you go along. They also contain high calorie but less nutrients. The best is to avoid such.

Include lean proteins with every meal
Still on meals, consider including lean proteins frequently in your meals. These include eggs, seeds, nuts, chicken breast, fish, lentils, mushrooms, black-eyed peas, sprouts, tofu, mung beans, kidney beans and Bengal gram, amongst others.

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Proteins play a role in building and strengthening your muscle mass. They also keep you satisfied for longer so you are not tempted to snack all day long.

Remember you cannot completely do away with proteins. You need some minimum daily requirements for your body to be healthy.

Spread out your meals
It is not uncommon to find someone eating one huge meal in the morning then stay hungry till evening in a bid to cut weight. Worse still, some skip breakfast and take this huge meal at midday. The effect is irregular binging and cravings.


Experts recommend taking small meals throughout the day. The average is 5-6 meals a day. Assuming you are awake for 15 hours, this means taking a small meal after every 3 or so hours.

The body adapts to this new system and the metabolism rate is increased, meaning some weight loss on your side. You will also feel satisfied at all times and maintain high energy levels.

The last of these meals should be taken some three hours before sleep.

Monitor the portion size
Many people who want to get a slim body at home get confused on exactly what portion size they should take for every meal. Basically, the portion should equal the size of your palm. You may want to limit yourself to some sizeable bowl that controls the size of your portion.

In line with this, consider this simple formula for your meals: Half of your plate should be filled with veggies, a quarter lean protein, the remaining carbs and healthy fats.

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Remember to chew your food well. Gobbling up all the food is out rightly wrong. You take up lots of air with the food and this causes bloating. The brain also requires about 20 minutes to register satisfaction. Eat slowly to give the brain time to keep track of how much you are eating.

Gobbling up the food may be a result of distractions like the television and cell phones, where one fills the mouth so he can continue following whatever program. Avoid such distractions.

Let us now shift our attention from eating. There is a myriad of lifestyle choices you can incorporate in your daily life to get a slim body. The easiest is probably walking.


If you can aim at making 10,000 steps per day you will definitely get slim. Interestingly, this can be done around home. Consider the activities you carry out on a daily basis. Can you incorporate some bit of walking? You most definitely shop for groceries, meet friends, play with pets like dogs, etc. Instead of driving every time, take that opportunity and walk.

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An afternoon stroll with your friends or loved ones is not only relaxing but also helps in slimming. Research shows that a 5 minute walk after each meal is more beneficial than a single 45 minute walk in the morning. Glucose is cleared from the bloodstream as the muscles expend it. Therefore, learn to get off the couch after meals and walk around.

Regular household chores are also a handy way to increase your baseline activity. This is a natural way to burn those calories.

Ever thought how useful the stairs in your home are? If not, try running up and down the stairs for some 20 or 30 minutes every morning. This warm up jumpstarts your day and keeps your body in perfect condition for the day.


If you reside in a bungalow, the best would be to jump the rope. This is one sure slimming workout. Aim at around 20 minutes of skipping for a start. Increase this with time and you will realize the benefits within a few days. Skipping rope is known to cut the toughest brown fat in the stomach. In addition, your muscles get stronger and your waistline reduces.

If you can, dance! Put on some danceable music and flex your muscles for a couple of minutes every day.

Strength exercises
You probably dread this part but I will still strongly recommend it for your slim down workout plan. Weightlifting definitely leads to your muscle getting fatigued. As they are resting in the recovery phase, they lose extra fat and there you are! Slimming down!

Strength exercises

Push-ups and squats are other essential exercises to include in your workout plan. These mostly reduce the belly fat. You can start with some 10 push-us on your first day. Increase these gradually as you get accustomed to them.

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To reduce belly fat, you can also do some crunches. Try the different variations, including twisting crunch, cable crunch, Thai crunch and reverse crunch. All these are slimming options that will perfectly groom your body.

Do not forget stretching. Stretch at the beginning and end of every workout session. Stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, legs and mid-body. This helps to relax your muscles and prevent injury.

Manage stress
Have you ever known that stress is one of the major reasons for weight gain in women? Science has it that stress releases hormone cortisol which reduces the production of insulin. With less insulin, your blood sugar level goes down and so you start hungering. Owing to the stress you will find yourself choosing junk food instead of eating healthy, and you can well guess the effects.


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Purpose to allocate some good time for yourself within your tight schedule. It helps to go for a massage, take a spa bath, talk to your girlfriends, listen to your favorite music, meditate, take a walk, read an interesting novel, and so forth.

To wrap it up
Did you find these tips helpful? Please do share your thoughts on the same. Again, the main things to consider in an attempt to get a slim body are diet, baseline activity and state of mind. Try to achieve some balance on these three and you will get slimming in no time. Most importantly, be consistent in whatever measure you take. Remember to not overdo anything as this can again stress you.

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How To Get Slim Body At Home

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