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How To Look Younger At 40 Naturally

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Your twenties faded away trying to keep up with the latest trends. The thirties are now over after a decade of cool-parent mode. It is now in your forties that the accumulated stresses of the past 4 decades of your life start to make a physical appearance. But what actually happens at 40?

How your skin changes after 40
I find it appropriate to explain at this juncture the body science at age 40 before I hand you the tips on how to naturally look younger at 40. Aging is one inevitable and irreversible natural phenomenon. It can come in two ways: Intrinsic aging and Extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging comes as a result of your age. Extrinsic aging on the other hand is triggered by unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.

All these lead to a lower production of proteins collagen and elastin. This makes the changes in the skin pretty visible. As the elastin fibers break, stiffen and lose their elasticity, the skin gets hollowed, dry and develops wrinkles.

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Also at 40, your body produces less estrogen. This has the same effects of making the skin lose the moisture, firmness and elasticity that it previously had. Estrogen in this case is present in both males and females, only at different levels. Inflammation of the skin may kick in as the years roll on from 40 upwards.

After 40 still, you may experience some common skin aging problems such as itching skin, dry skin, age spots, skin cancer and wrinkles.

Having understood this, let me now share some insider tips on how you can naturally look a decade younger than your age after hitting 40. Forget the expensive treatments that have now flooded the market.

Time for more sex
The initial spark of romance that you once shared with your spouse may have long faded away. Trust me, it’s time to rekindle the flames. You are asking what this has to do with looking young?

According to recent numerous studies, making love some 3 times per week can make you look younger by up to 10 years. Sex leads to a natural release of growth hormones, which also can help you live longer.

couple love

Remember to kiss him or her passionately. This way you tone up more than 30 of your facial muscles.

So forget the pressures of the midlife crisis. Stresses are inevitable in this life; we just need to manage them. Stick closer to your partner and get down to real love.

Sleep better every night
And after some romance, treat yourself to adequate sleep. Purpose to sleep soundly for about 7 to 8 hours. This way, your body produces more growth hormones which help in keeping your skin radiant. Deficiency of this growth hormone has been linked to less muscle mass and a higher percentage of body fat around the waist.


You will experience a major toll on your appearance in case you choose to deprive yourself of sleep. Puffy eyes will set in, on top of becoming fatigued and stressed.

Depriving yourself of a proper night rests also decreases the ability of the skin to recover after the sunny day you enjoyed.

After that proper night rest, get out of bed with a focus of working out for at least 30 minutes. Consider skipping the rope, running up and down the stairs, doing bicep curls with sizeable dumbbells, doing squats, push-ups, sit-ups, stretching your body for flexibility, some bit of weight lifting, etcetera – there is just so much to do.

All these are meant to help circulate more nutrients and oxygen to the skin which need them in order to look radiant.


Exercise also boosts production of collagen which in turn helps to build younger skin. By exercising, your posture will be more upright instead of hunched. The gray hairs that may come with stress can also be reduced through exercising. What more? Exercise is the best way to get rid of ugly body fat and maintain your muscle mass.

You can choose to do all these exercises at home or choose some gym membership. This is a matter of choice, so I leave it to you. One thing you must however note is the monthly payments associated with the gym and the need to travel to and from the gym. If these two factors make it inconvenient for you, stick to exercising at home. Just be sure to maintain your level of motivation so you don’t skip workouts too often.

And on top of exercising, do yourself justice by moisturizing. Water is a miracle agent when it comes to keeping your skin smooth and radiant. It sounds too easy, but at least you can trust science. Keeping hydrated gets rid of those eye bags and makes your appearance more firm.

Aside from water, you can directly moisturize your skin using quality lotions. No matter how late you get home, or how tired you may be, take that time to clean your face and moisturize it. Do it religiously like the French women and you will sure age gracefully.

Quit smoking
Smoking robs you of your young look in two ways. First, it directly makes your teeth and nails yellow. Secondly, it prevents the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin thus making it wrinkly. You just have to quit if you so desire that young look.

quit smoking

In case you drink, limit your alcohol intake. Too much of it will severely dehydrate your skin, leaving it dry and less elastic.

Eat right
Healthy eating has far reaching impact on your looks. Endeavor to make all your meals balanced with the right proportions of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. You may want to engage your dietitian to walk you through proper meal plans. Only make sure to have lots of healthy fats, grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies.

One thing you need strict discipline on is sugar. Sugar is virtually everywhere. Too much of it can actually give you a “sugar face” – that is one characterized with fine line, wrinkles, blemishes and eye sagging. This is because sugar accelerates glycation. This body process does big damage to the skin collagen resulting to the aforementioned defects.


Too much salt is likewise detrimental. The sodium sucks out moisture from your skin and in other cases causes water retention, the reason for inflammation of the skin. So think twice the next time you buy that plateful of salty French fries.

Revamp your wardrobe
Let me wrap up by this incredible tip to look younger at 40. It is time to toss those old and unflattering clothes and replace them with a little more trendy attire.


Do not just pick any clothing item off the shelves. Focus on the fit of the items and pick only those that were really tailored for your particular body. However, in this bid to dress young, don’t overdo it. See-through tops, skimpy minis and flashy fabrics will only send a message you are hiding your age. Again, don’t be so carefree as to don “mom” jeans and other baggy clothes.

Remember to wear a fitting bra to conceal the sagging breasts. Your hair should fit your skin tone. Go for professional hairdressing and most importantly maintain it.

Flash a Smile
Are you feeling younger up to this point? Smile big! Happy faces are perceived younger than the frowning and sad ones. Keep grinning even in the most stressful of days and your whole being will feel a decade younger. Any comment? Share your thoughts below.



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How To Look Younger At 40 Naturally

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