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The Top 10 Beauty Trends Of Summer 2018

Summer Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends usually just come and go, some even in a matter of months. Thanks to that, it can be rather hard knowing what is still officially ‘trendy’ and for how long. Each season is filled with new Beauty Trends, especially summer. Summer is usually the most popular month when it comes to beauty trends, just because everyone is fighting the insane heat and sweating issues.

It is crucial knowing what you wish to achieve if you are following a beauty trend, do not just blindly follow everything that has been represented to you, feel the wish and motivation for a certain thing, and do your best to achieve it.

For this lovely hot season, we took some time and did a tiny research, the results are awesome and we need to share them with you. For all of you interested and curious about beauty trends THIS SUMMER, we have gathered top 10 Beauty Trends of Summer 2018, and they are astonishing!

1. Mismatched Nails
Just when we thought this will never become a beauty trend, it actually did! You are no longer expected to have one color nails and even better, you are the ones who decide about nail art design. The idea behind mismatched nails is truly awesome, it allows you to be creative and do what your imagination lets you.

Mismatched Nails

Does not matter whether you will pick a variety of shades in one particular color, or you will have a color scheme to follow, let your imagination and creativity flow all over your colorful nails this summer!

2. Shoulder-Length Hair
The summer has started, that means it is probably the perfect time to finally decide and chop your hair off! Sounds nasty? Not at all, do not be nervous about making this big change, just because you are chopping your hair off, does not mean it will be chopped poorly, right? This summer is all about keeping your hair at the length of your shoulders.

Shoulder-Length Hair

This lovely Beauty Trend started months ago and it is still one of the most popular picks for this season. Shoulder-length hair is very versatile, easily dried and styled extremely quickly, great for summer!

3. Platinum Blonde
If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Platinum Blonde’, you need to check it out. This beauty trend is a whole new thing in the world of trends and it seems to be getting extremely popular too. Hairstylists, however, claim that this beauty trend is not really for everyone.

Platinum Blonde

To actually achieve this perfect platinum color of the hair, you might be required to take several different trips to the hairstylist.

4. Blue Lipstick
For your surprise, blue lipstick is not here just for Halloween, we have tried it and it is actually a real beauty trend. You have probably seen it all over popular beauty websites in all kinds of shades of blue. It looks pretty cool, but imagine one whole day spent with a blue lipstick on your lips, probably not the best choice at all.

For all those doubtful about the idea, that is fine too, there are various beauty trends out there that look weird, yet they are still existing. That is why we love beauty, it is different for all of us!

5. Space Buns
We all remember 90s and lovely space buns everyone had, now it is back and everyone is going completely crazy about them. If you are a fan of the usual messy topknot, that is great, because space buns are actually an upgrade to that.

All you need for this lovely hairstyle is four hair ties that are close to your own hair color and a bunch of tiny hair pins. In case you have no idea where to start, just check out various videos on the internet, or maybe figure out your own way! This summer is all about creativity in beauty, we love it!

6. Gym Makeup
We have thought no one wishes to mix up sweat and makeup, but apparently it is becoming a thing! There are many people who wish to lead healthier lifestyle and with that there comes the term ‘Gym Makeup’, the term that has been searched over 65% more than before.

Gym Makeup

Just when you have thought this would be impossible, various beauty brands caught on and they offer various sweat cosmetics that actually work perfectly fine! You can really go to a gym with makeup and not worry whether you look like a clown or not. Of course, it might be easier without, but if you really need to be pretty even there, go ahead!

7. Vitamin C Serums
People have finally noticed the skin benefits of Vitamin C. The power of Vitamin C is not a secret at all, it was just a matter of moment that people would start giving it a try, and now that they did, they probably won’t stop, ever. Vitamin C is here and it will make your skin smooth, firm and brighter than before.

It also prevents and treats UV damage, which is pretty amazing. Many Vitamin C products on the market also come in a powder form now and they are a lot more stable and richer in potency than in liquid form.

8. Glossed, Raspberry Lips
We are glad to announce that this summer, you should not even think about matte and liquid lipsticks, instead you should probably focus on tinted balms and stains. Various products can be used on lips and cheeks and we love it because it gives that non-perfected finish that is a great choice for summer.

Glossed, Raspberry Lips 

For those who are actually about to use this beauty trend, use a colored lip liner and blend it with your fingers before you add up some lip balm.

9. Smudgy Eye
No, it is not smokey eye and it is only about SMUDGY eye. This summer people seem to be rather laid back and relaxing, everyone tries to look as if they don’t care, but actually they do and this beauty trend is all about that.

Smudgy Eye

Smudgy eyes are here to make you look as if you fell asleep with your makeup on, but still managed to look good after waking up. It is a double standard beauty trend and we believe it can be cool, just not everywhere.

10. Pixie Short Cuts
Now that the summer is here, everyone is considering to cut their hair, which is completely understandable. Having long wavy hair in the summer can be extremely hard to deal with and that is why more and more ladies are going for a short pixie cut hairstyle.

Pixie Short Cuts

Pixie hairstyles have been around for a while, but not many actually went for it, now everyone talks about it and they truly have a good reason to. Pixie short cuts everywhere!

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The Top 10 Beauty Trends Of Summer 2018

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