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10 Pieces Of Relationship Advice That Will Increase Your Chances Of A Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

Relationships are meant to make you feel amazing about yourself. Any healthy relationship will have you and your partner feeling happy about each other most of the time. You’ll even get to become a better version of you every single day.

If you were pursuing a certain purpose, you’ll get to feel empowered more because of the support your partner would provide you. It won’t be a perfect relationship, but it’ll most of the time be great. So how would you improve and maintain your chances of having a great relationship?

It is not easy at all. It would require a lot of work from both you and your partner. Two people who love each other is not the only factor in a relationship. Working on issues that maintain the love is the hard part. Here’s;

How you can increase your chances of having a healthy relationship

1. Start by loving and accepting yourself

loving couple

No matter how much relationship advice you seek and practice, you will not feel good in a relationship if you don’t feel good about your solo self. You can only love someone else in the best way if you love yourself first.

Do not make a mistake of doing the vice versa while expecting someone else to make you feel better about yourself. Yes, they’ll boost your self-esteem by showing you how amazing you are, but it won’t have a major effect if you don’t feel you are amazing.

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There is one thing you notice about people who have accepted and loved themselves for who they are. They attract the right people who will love them and make them happier about themselves. This is where you start from.

2. Open your heart

open your heart

You could say that opening your heart to someone you love will leave you vulnerable and it can hurt you badly. But isn’t that what love is all about? Opening your heart and letting your lover know what you truly feel.

That way, you can be sure that they truly love you when they stand by you. If you get hurt, it was worth it because at least you parted ways with someone knowing what you feel about them.

The next time you’ll get the right one, you’ll have high chances of making it a super healthy relationship.

3. Show your feelings in your actions

couple feelings and actions

Opening your heart is one of the best relationship advice you’ll get but if your actions don’t reflect what you feel, the advice will be useless. Many people truly love someone but they don’t do actions that show what they feel.

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You shouldn’t claim to love someone is you’ll abuse them in any way after that. As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words’’, when in a relationship, your show of love will speak what you truly feel. This will immensely increase your chances of having a healthy relationship.

You do not have to buy stuff you can’t afford for someone to know you are in love with them, some little gestures will speak it all.

4. Be communicative

couple communicative

What happens when you are having a disagreement with anyone but you don’t air your point of view? It mostly breaks the relationship because they’ll end up walking away with a misunderstanding and resenting you in the process.

The same thing happens with romantic relationships. At first you may both ignore it but eventually the resentment will blow up like a wild fire, and swallow your relationship. It doesn’t have to be negative, even constantly communicating about how they make you feel will boost your trust in each other and you’ll be feeling more in love.

So, piece of advice, communicate as much as you can in a relationship.

5. Accept and respect each other’s space

personal space

This is the best relationship advice for people who are quite clingy. You were both individuals who had separate lives, separate friends and separate interests. When you become one united being, it doesn’t mean you’ll erase your lives before.

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Trust your partner and let them be who they are. This helps in growing as a person in a great relationship. A thriving individual in a relationship means it’s healthy.

6. Be honest

couple honest

Honesty can be a strength and a weakness too but it works more as a strength. Honesty builds trust and the more you are honest, the more your partner loves you for who you are.

A healthy relationship isn’t calculative or built of lies, it is built by the foundation of honesty. A healthy relationship is true in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

7. Respect your opinions and your partner’s

ballon respect

You both don’t have to concur with everything. In fact, more healthy relationships are known to consist of two totally differently opinionated people.

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A healthy relationship is built by agreeing and disagreeing reasonably with respect for each other's opinion towards certain topics.

8. Forgive and admit when wrong

couple forgive

This can be a great struggle because many people don’t want to give up their ego from time to time. Admitting when you are wrong doesn’t make you weak, it actually shows how strong you are by accepting that you are flawed just like any other human being.

It makes you relatable to your partner and the next time they notice they're wrong there will be high chances of them admitting. Forgiveness on the other hand is something you’ll have to be offering every now and then.

You are an imperfect being and so is your partner so pardoning won’t be the worst thing if it will build a healthier relationship.

9. Be supportive

couple supportive

Relationship advice works best when you support each other in form of decisions, and overall life steps. You are in a relationship so that you can be there for each other. Support is shown in many ways and it’s all as a result of love for each other.

If you can’t support your partner, they’ll feel less loved and when they do, your relationship would no longer be healthy. It will be full of unnecessary doubt.

10. Reignite the initial sparks

couple reignite the spark

A healthy relationship does not only thrive by the above pieces of relationship advice but also by repeating the gestures that gave you a magical feeling at first. You do not have to do all the known clichés, you just need to do it in your own versions.

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It gets easier because you’ll get to know your partner with time and discover what strikes their romantic adrenaline. Reignite the magical feelings that made you reach where you are and your relationship will sparkle again. That’s one of the best signs of a healthy relationship.


Rinse and repeat all these tips and your chances of having a healthy relationship will be skyrocketing. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always be guaranteed of a great relationship. No. Relationships fail even when you practice all the relationship advice tips you get.

This is because no matter how much good you invest in a relationship, if it is not with the right person yet, you’ll definitely have to move on. You can be the best partner until you get to your other half.

You’ll not only be personally developing but also growing the character of others positively. It’s all by exercising the best life tool, empathy.

10 Pieces Of Relationship Advice That Will Increase Your Chances Of A Healthy Relationship


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