Saturday, 13 October 2018

10 Likes of Gemini Zodiac Sign

An adventurous soul, a sarcastic sense of humor and a loyal friend or lover, a Gemini is adaptive to his/her surroundings.



  1. They like to be independent and hence won’t depend on anybody for so long. So if you will ever try to make them get used to spoon-feeding and be dependent then they will probably just leave you forever. Just let them enjoy their own independent ways.
  2. They like healthy flirting. They are so natural and easy with their words that they can do it effortlessly without making it a big deal. They are so convincing with their words.
  3. They like harmony among people and a peaceful environment. So they will never fight with people or if anytime they have landed in one, then they will just walk off. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t stand for themselves when needed.
  4. They like stable and loyal relationships. So they will be a great friend or lover, never cheating and always being there to support you.
  5. They like to ponder about their interests or the things around them. You might even catch them speculating over something important or of negligible importance. Something or other always keep their mind occupied.
  6. Being indulged in speculations doesn’t mean that a Gemini is ignorant of the surroundings. They are really good observers and love to observe everything around and gain knowledge from them.
  7. They like people who are interesting, have a good sense of humor, good conversation skills, good advice or who can entertain them well. They get drawn to such people easily and would be interested to meet such people more.
  8. Gemini likes to say things as they are. They can express themselves well. So, if you are ever in need of an honest reply you should ask a Gemini.
  9. Gemini likes new adventures so they will always be restless and looking for another step.
  10. They like to keep secrets and won’t share their personal things too soon with anyone. It is also a possibility that they won’t tell some of their personal secrets to anybody ever.

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