Wednesday, 7 November 2018

10 Likes of Taurus Zodiac Sign

The bull of the zodiac, the Taurus is a patient and unyielding star sign. Although known to be moody and brooding at times, the Taurus is actually a very happy star sign. Taurus people are intense people although they might not appear the same. They are very inexpressive in most situations and that makes it harder to understand their true feelings. Knowing the things that will make your Taurus happy is very important because he/she would never tell you what it is.

Here are ten things that a Taurus loves and appreciates:



  1. Taurus loves hugging, touching, holding and being there for them in general. A Taurus knows to love in a very non-demonstrative way, and does not need you to say, I love you’, all the time but rather be made to feel the same.
  2. A Taurus is a lover of food and enjoys a good meal. The way to a Taurus’s hearth is through their stomach.
  3. A Taurus likes routine and change bothers them a lot. They like to be in control of their environment and changes disrupt that control.
  4. Taurus’ are themselves very loyal creatures and demand the same in their partners as well. They appreciate loyalty and consider it to be a mandatory trait that their loved ones should possess.
  5. A Taurus loves stability and looks for the same in their partners, careers and life in general.
  6. Taurus’ are spiritually grounded and do not usually possess rigid religious ideologies. They love nature and to be a part of it. They are in love with the present and do not dabble with the past.
  7. Taurus likes to know what is going to happen and are not too fond of surprises or sudden plans.
  8. Being a sensual creature, sensual gestures are one of the things that a Taurus loves and craves for. Silk, soft music, chocolates or dim lights are the perfect gifts to present to a Taurus.
  9. If you have a Taurus in your life, try being romantic, harmonious and committed. A Taurus loves peace, romance and commitment.
  10. Taurus people are very supportive and put family and friends before anything. They are truly family-loving and love to treat all of their friends with the same amount of love and affection.

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