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Dark Traits of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is a fixed air sign in the Zodiac table. They are usually known to be friendly and eccentric in nature. They are known to be amicable creatures and easily get along with others. Although a quirky sign the zodiac can have a dark side to it. This dark side is mostly characterized by an aloof and cold demeanor, with a lack of empathy in a person that is usually very charming. Some of the harsh realities that go alongside the nature of Aquarians have been mentioned below.

The power of Uranus
Uranus is regarded as the modern ruler of this star sign. Any sign ruled by Uranus is characterized by eccentric behavior. This ruler was first discovered in the year 1781, which also marks the revolutions in France and America in world history.

Known mostly as the ‘Reign of Terror’, the characteristics of the French Revolution can be closely tracked with that of Aquarius. The people belonging to this star sign usually hold a high ideal, irrespective of the human cost that it can levy upon the world.

Coldness and Rigidity
Aquarians are known to exhibit the dark and cold lack of emotions in their characteristics. Saturn being their ancient ruler, they are often known to be cold and rigid.

Holding lofty ideals to justify their comprehension of the world, Aquarians often create a delusional image of the world in their head, adhering to it and ignoring any other view with stark coldness.

Thinking that they are always right
Uranus does not rotate and usually rolls through its orbit that too in a backward direction. This quality of the planet gives Aquarians, whose ruling planet is Uranus, an individual perspective to the world that they see around themselves.

They think that their perspective is unique and it is a futile attempt to try to sway them from their stand. Coupled with their stubborn rigidity, a dark Aquarian always thinks that he/she is right no matter what you say to them.

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