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Dark Traits of Aries Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries is the first star sign in the Zodiac family and is ruled by the cardinal fire sign. The Aries is symbolized by the ram. Although born leaders, the Aries can often than not start to showcase a dark side to their inherent zeal for leadership.

Being the youngest of all the zodiac signs an Aries can be viewed as a small child with aggressive and wild child-like tantrums, if you have to consider it from a metaphorical point of view. Some of the dark characteristics of the Aries have been mentioned in the segment which follows.

Hot headed
It is unwise to make an Aries angry, as they are very hot headed people and are even capable of brutal violence, including murder. The Aries’ cardinal sin is wrath and they are quick to become angry over the simplest of things. It is a sudden outburst of anger which usually signifies the dark side of an Aries.

They can even become combative and spark a confrontation just for the sake of getting into an argument. It is wise to steer clear of the Ram’s horns as they can be very deadly.

They are overtly sexual
An Aries is a highly passionate creature and it shows in their overtly sexual beings. They can become scary partners for their naked directness. They can seem to be coming on to you with utmost ferocity and hunger. Although they are brilliant in bed, at times it can become intimidating.

This coupled with possessiveness and a penchant for loyalty can prove to be ultimate disasters. Although they seek loyalty, they themselves are necessarily not always so. They can engage you just as quickly as it would take to ditch you.

Impatient creatures
The Aries has absolutely no love for patience and want everything as soon as they have thought about it. They have a wild attraction for everything that comes quick and this can become an alarming aspect when taking important decisions in their lives.

They are adventure lovers and the sense of quick fulfillment and the instant adrenaline rush gets them high on life.

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