Monday, 3 December 2018

Dark Traits of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancerians are usually known for their intuitive and sensual nature. Being ruled by the moon, they are known to be huge empaths who have a great understanding and care for other people. They are caring and loving friends and a dedicated lover.

But like everyone they too have a dark side which can come out once in a while if they are anyhow meddled with. The dark side of a Cancerian has some stark qualities which have been illustrated as of below.

Cancer is a water sign which is ruled by the moon. Like any other water sign, they have a tumultuous emotional balance. They are very emotional about everything and can swing from a merry disposition into a depressive low in the matter of seconds.

Owing to their overemotional nature, they can come across as overwhelming at times. Although they understand other people very well, they do expect the same in return.

Clingy and moody
Cancers battle the lack of attention by becoming dangerously obsessed with trying to make you reciprocate their emotions. They can even become very vindictive in the search for such attention and care. When met with such disdain they are known to become very moody and can even brood all day long.

This brooding is often associated with an unhealthy attachment with you which can feel nauseous.

They become manipulative when faced with defeat
A cancer understands another person the best and this is the very reason that they are very good at manipulations. Although they mostly brood when they are met with a situation where their emotions are not reciprocated, if this situation is set to continue for too long, a Cancer can indulge into manipulation in order to achieve what they want.

Being able to understand a person the best, a Cancer knows exactly what to say or do in order to get them singing along with their desired tunes.

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