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Dark Traits of Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the Zodiac table. They have a very stringent duality in their nature and would either be loved or be abhorred by the people around them. They don’t have an in-between and this is what makes the dark side of a Capricorn so stark.

They are hard-headed people who can come across as quite stubborn and irritating at times. Some of the characteristics that define the dark side of a Capricorn’s nature are as follows.

Capricorns never let people forget their actions against a Capricorn
Capricorns are vindictive people, and their vindication is made clear by their tendency to keep reminding people where they had failed the Capricorn in the first place. They are usually unforgiving and can hold a grudge, longer than most people.

Being highly guarded, a Capricorn never lets anyone get close to them, once that person has hurt them. No amount of remedying can help restore the broken trust of a Capricorn, and they will lose absolutely no chance to remind you of what the dynamics are.

Capricorns are known to be the people who are visited for advice, owing to their vast and accurate knowledge about things. However, this trait can often become their fault. They suffer from an inherent superiority complex which makes them think that they are smarter and better than everyone else around them.

This often results in them correcting other people and demeaning them in order to try to prove their own intellect.

Highly condescending
It is an added part of the know-it-all nature that a Capricorn suffers from. Owing to their superiority complex, combined with the intellectual prowess, they can come across as condescending to whomever that does not have enough knowledge about a certain topic that is being talked about.

They can often become demeaning and make others feel like idiots in their endeavor to prove that they are the smarter one amongst the two.

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