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Dark Traits of Libra Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Libra Zodiac Sign

People born under the astrological sign Libra are kind and gentle, with a love for all things beautiful, harmonious, and peaceful. As a peace loving sign, they often find it hard to say no to anyone, and instead take stress on themselves. Although, Librans have a lot of positive traits, they also have a few negative traits in them. Check out the negative traits in Libra that bring out the dark side in their personality –

· Indecisive – One of the most prominent negative traits in people born under the Libra sign is their indecisiveness. Whenever faced with options, it takes them a lot of time to decide as to what is best for them. And under such circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to understand for others as to which side they will choose.

· Avoid Emotional Challenges – Librans are lazy in the sense that they avoid to be a part of any stressful situation. They avoid any kind of emotional challenges, as they prefer taking the easy route possible.

· Detached – Another negative trait in Librans is their detached attitude in life. They are firm, strong, and determined, but they can be detached to people and situations around them, despite keeping on a pleasant appearance.

· Superficial – Due to their love for all things beautiful, people born under the zodiac sign Libra often get carried away by external beauty. Many times they are unable to look beyond the superficial and focus on the genuine beautiful inner qualities of other people.

· Self-Indulgence – Librans are quite self-indulgent, as they love to spend money on all the beautiful things in life. Because of their love for material comforts and luxuries, they tend to waste a lot of money on things that they wouldn’t actually need.

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