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5 Parenting Secrets For Busy Moms

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Being a parent is not an easy task.

One moment, you’re excited about your child’s new milestone, the next moment you’re feeling tired, drained and swamped out.

It’s even more tasking when you have a job or business you have to work on. Juggling your job with your duty as a parent can be really stressful.

However, it can be better, with proper time management, planning, and some flexibility, you can make it work for you. You can actually achieve good success in both parenting and your job.

In this article, we’ll be explaining 5 ways to help you cope better with your role as a parent while doing great at your job or business.

1. Plan Better

plan better

Effective planning is the key to all management. A calendar in the main lobby, a planner each in your room and workplace are helpful. Mark out the highlights of the month – the appointments, birthdays, important school days, and project submission dates.

Setting an effective daily routine is also essential. With this, you can itemize each major activity for your day. You should also try to start your day early, this will help you achieve more on time at your own pace.
You can also set a planner for your kids. Set benchmarks for curriculum completions, important tests, and curricula. Encourage your child to adopt it for their lives from an early age. The less stressed your kids are, the less stressed you’ll be, and the
better the sleep you’ll get per night.

If you have to cook, try to do the majority of your cooking during weekends and store the cooked food in your refrigerator. You could later warm this stored food when ready to serve it to your family.

2. Cut The Extras


Look out for all the activities that take up your time and the things that are of no priority. Here are some things to consider:

  • Avoid answering every single call, text, email, and notifications immediately they pop up. Do it 4-6 hourly instead. Spend your internet time wisely too. If you aren’t deliberate about this, you might notice a whole lot of your day will be spent on Instagram, Facebook and replying Whatsapp messages.
  • Purchase everyday items online. You will save up time in parking and commuting. These items include utensils, groceries, stationery, and toiletries.
  • Be more flexible. Don’t grow into an annoying perfectionist. It creates stress for you.

3. Find Substitutes And Help

child's hand

You don’t have to be guilty if you need help and can afford it. You could wisely invest in part-time teachers, chefs, house-workers, and lawn-workers 1-2 days a week. It will increase your available time.
Get your kids to be their own caretakers. Teach them to make their own beds, put their toys back in place, and set their clothes and bags for the next day. If you have kids above 8-10 years, you can engage them to help you with house chores like taking out the laundry or setting the dining table.

Delegate work to your partner too. Don’t forget parenthood is a joint effort!

4. Create a Positive Influence

positive baby

Get smart games like Jenga, Rubik's cube, Crossword, and Board Games like Checkers and Chess. Engage with your kids to make memories and create fun-times.

Create a healthy environment in your home that inculcates good energy and behavior in kids.

Get the routine health checkups and vaccinations for you and your family.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Sleep adequately, get yourself a wonderful, large mattress, meditate for 15 minutes daily, order gourmet foods and get some massages done. Pet yourself too!​

Expand your space and take some time alone to rejuvenate and come off better. Remember don’t sweat the everyday stuff. You will much get better with​ experience. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

5 Parenting Secrets For Busy Moms

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