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3 Little Known Tips To Save Money On Beach Vacation Travel

A holiday at the beach is a welcome one by almost everyone. Who would pass up a chance to just laze around on sandy, breezy beaches sipping on a cold drink while getting their tan on? Beach towns know these and make the most out of it. If you are a frequent visitor of beach towns then you will agree that a lot of commodities are on the higher side of life.

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There are, however, a number of ways in which one can save money when taking a beach vacation. You’ve probably heard of some of the common money saving tricks. Being mindful of the season and booking ahead of time are two of the oldest money saving trick in the book.

There is a notable difference between booking your holiday last minute and booking it two-three months or even a year in advance. If you are looking to save money, then book your vacations during off peak seasons. Aside from these traditional money saving tips, there do exist some seemingly obvious but seldom practiced ways to save money.

Bring Your Own Supplies

We often get into the habit of buying what we need at our destination. After all, who wants to carry around a ton of luggage with them? There is nothing wrong with travelling light. It does not in any way stop you from carrying all the essentials. Shopping for things like sunscreen, sandals, snacks and toys (if travelling with kids) in your home town will prove to be much cheaper than shopping at a beach town.

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You also have the added advantage of choosing from a variety of items. Convenient stores in holiday towns will tend to stock what is popular. If you have a particularity in the products you use then this might prove to be a challenge.

Cooking Is Your Savings Partner

Have you ever ordered a meal that you could easily make at home from a restaurant and thought the price to be a rip off? That feeling is bound to follow you around when eating out at beach towns. Since you are looking to save money, you are better placed settling for a rental that allows you to make your own meals.


It is much more economical to purchase the ingredients than to purchase the finished meal. In order to save even more money, it is advisable that you think ahead and create a menu for every meal you plan to make well in advance. This allows you enough time to shop for the ingredients locally which, again, is bound to be cheaper.

Rent From The Source

By choosing a rental rather than a hotel, you are already saving quite a bit of money. In order to save even more money, it is important that you seek out the owner of the rental (where possible) and transact directly with him or her.

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Any real estate agency, rental company or middle man of any kind will have a markup added to the actual rent in order for them to stay in business. By transacting directly with the owner you are able to avoid that middle man fee.


Travelling for a beach vacation does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. By simply planning ahead, taking all that you will need with you and opting to cook rather than eat out, you would be surprised at the amount of money that you get to save.

Whether travelling alone or with family and, or friends, these three unlikely ways of saving money during your vacation are bound to be helpful. Try them and see the difference.

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3 Little Known Tips To Save Money On Beach Vacation Travel

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