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4 Shocking Facts about Your Frequent Urge to Eat

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There’re many people who are like you and me. I mean, it is common for everyone to have frequent feelings of hunger. This could be an irritating feeling especially when you’re trying to follow a strict diet. But as I have said, don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this.

Despite the associated and proven adverse effects, it’s important to snack between meals.

However, it could be strange; as surprising as it may sound… If you sit down and think of the next meal immediately after you’re through with your meal. This calls for special attention.

It goes without saying that some people feel hungry frequently more than others. They encounter challenges trying to stick to a normal diet. Some could take fruits and veggies to maintain the diet. But they end up missing it.

Hunger for food takes the better part of them. Does this sound like you? Read on to understand the facts supporting your relentless desire for food. 

1. Overly Consuming of the Processed Food

processed food

Food Conformist wisdom couldn’t be less true. Do you overload your digestive system with processed foods? Well, you’re one step closer to having the urge to be in the kitchen or a restaurant all the time.

It’ll be hard for you to avoid feeling hungry repeatedly.

Nutritionists advocates for the need to eat full grains. They suggest that we should avoid refined and processed ingredients to ensure a healthy lifestyle. These foods contain preservatives that eliminate ingredients that are naturally found in food.

Did you know that foods that contain high contents of sugar and fat affect the way you think? They interfere with the mood-regulating chemicals in our brains. End results will be to feel hungry all the time.

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Over-eating will hence be unavoidable for you. 

Scholars through research on causes of obesity have found out that processed foods have a significant role in lifestyle diseases.  They’re linked to cravings for food, making you feel hungry all the time. Though this is a story for another day…

One of the major ingredients in processed foods is sugar; sweet and mouth-watering things as we describe them. For this reason, they activate our brains’ pleasure centres.  It’ll therefore, become hard for you to avoid the desire for ‘one more’.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a nearby fast food joint in between meals. Craving for an extra piece of pizza… It becomes hard to control your urge since the desire is generated from the brain.

You’ll in good time realise that you are hungry all the time. And the only solution you can resort to is consuming many ‘sub-meals’ between meals.

2. You have high levels of Insulin in Your Body


In most cases, people don’t focus on their levels of blood sugar. The question is do you pay attention? Do you sit and think of its impact?

Nutritionists suggest that you should watch your consumption of supposedly healthy snacks and drinks. For instance, a thick smooth drink consisting of fresh fruit pureed with ice cream, yoghurt or milk could make you feel hungry.

Consuming it could make you feel the urge to eat frequently. The smoothie can make you feel hungry all the time. This could be within one and a half hour after a meal. Too often, right?

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Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque suggests that people who prolong their blood sugar curve can stay longer without feeling hungry. Their brain can stay for six hours without triggering the desire for food.

If you’re wondering about how to prolong your blood sugar curve and stay longer without thinking about food, here is the solution. Nutritionists support the use of a simple formula.

“Your meal should contain ingredients like greens, fibre proteins, and fat”.

Fat contents, especially from crops such as avocado and coconut oil, are essential. It prevents extreme hunger and craving for food. Of course, it levels the blood sugar in your body.

3. You’re Suffering From Excessive Loss Of Water From The Body 

water glass 

There’re high chances that you couldn’t tell whether you’re hungry or thirsty. Failure to pay attention can affect your ability to tell between two sensations.

Did you know that your desire to eat could be signaling that your body is dehydrated? And you aren’t drinking enough water or liquids? Check this. Do you fantasize about juicy fresh fruits? This could be a sign. You aren’t hungry but thirsty. 

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Pay attention to such a sensation. When it appears, take a full glass of water. Wait for a while before you eat anything.

If you were hungry, you’ll tell easily. If hunger persists, then you’ll decide the food to eat. You can less be assured that the portion will be smaller; you drank water that fills your stomach. 

4.    You’re suffering from Severe Physical Strain or Distress  

strained and distressed

Dr. Marilyn Glenville, an author and a nutritionist explain the effects of stress on hunger. She shows stressful events heighten the levels of cortisol in the blood. And can remain high for some time.  

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Our body applies different mechanisms to address anomalies. Here, your body will think eating will help you recover from stress. It’s that serious. You’ll hence feel hungry all time you’re stressed.

How then do you avoid feeling hungry all the time when you’re stressed? It’s simple, try as much as possible to stick to your scheduled diets. Don’t change a thing.  

You can apply a different strategy to address the stressful events. Take a walk, share with a confidant or dress in your exercising attire ready for work out session. 

4 Shocking Facts about Your Frequent Urge to Eat


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