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4 Types Of Meat That Are Unhealthy For The Body

                As the popular saying goes, you are what you eat. So to maintain the highest level of healthiness, you should eat healthy food. Food is not just something you should pick up and eat just about anything. Your nutrition should be based on the things your body needs or even certain health challenges you may be battling in your body.

For instance, somebody suffering from diabetes does not need more sugar in their body; they should consume foods with low glycemic index. One of such foods that you need to be careful eating is meat. Virtually all non-vegetarians enjoy eating meat and enjoy meals that have meat in them.

However, there are some types of meat that are certainly not healthy to be consumed and if possible, avoid eating them entirely. These meats comprise mostly of processed meat, so let’s dive right in.

1. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are very unhealthy highly processed meat made from any of steak trimmings, pork or chicken. Additives such as salt and corn syrup are added and these are the things that actually make them unhealthy to eat. A single hotdog contains about 140 milligrams of sodium due to the high quantity of salt used as preservative. A high intake of sodium can lead to heart diseases and hypertension.

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2. Liver 

There are a number of organ meats which liver is a part and is widely consumed. We all know the function of a liver as a vital organ in the excretory process. Liver helps the body get rid of toxic materials, so, in a way, the consumption of liver meat means ingesting these toxins. You cannot consume what is meant to be gotten rid of and expect to be healthy, right? Liver is quite an unhealthy meat to be consumed and should be avoided by people with cholesterol issues.

3. Bacon 

Bacon is a type of meat that contains a high amount of calories which consists mostly of unhealthy fat. 30g of bacon contains 30mg of cholesterol. This is an extremely bad ratio for people suffering from heart diseases or even stroke. Bacon contains a lot of sodium and can especially cause high blood pressure. Frying bacon also gives rise to a substance known as nitrosamine which is a leading cause of stomach cancer.

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4. Corned Beef

Corned beef is a processed meat and is usually used in Salad. As widely consumed as it is, it is also very unhealthy due to the way it is processed and made. Corned beef comprises of high amounts of sodium, saturated fat and calories, all of which are bad for the heart.

The overall health of the body is important and should be paid full attention to hence the need to do away with unhealthy foods such as the ones discussed above. There are a lot of other healthy foods that can be consumed so do not feel restricted. Do your research and find out the foods that are good for you. There is a high chance that you will find a couple of them that you will enjoy eating.


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