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5 Celebrities To Dress Up As In 2018

Let’s face it, most celebrities’ dress well but some dazzle more than others. Some show off their touchy sense of elegance and style, while others dress so impressively that we just love and adore their sense of fashion.

Some celebs even inspire us to dress in those elegant dresses when we are going out or when we are attending special occasions. Plus, if you are also looking for some celebrity homemade custom ideas, the list below will give you some inspiration.

Here are some of the best dressed ladies that really rock when it comes to dressing up.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

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Ever since she starred in the show, Quantico, this beautiful actress has been on everyone’s lips. She first stole the limelight back in the year 2000 when she was crowned winner in the Miss World beauty contest and ever since then, she has always stolen the limelight both in her native India and now on the global stage.

This girl has got the looks and an elegance style that is envied by many. Here are the top 5 dresses that she perfectly wore last year;( not in any particular order)

  • She stepped out in a green, satin wrap dress which dazzled so spectacularly. This glamorous dress meant she was one of the more stand out celebs at the event.
  • This girl loves satin and it was evident when she dazzled with a navy Prabal Gurung gown at the 70th anniversary of UNICEF.
  • Priyanka really knows how to dress up as well as the dress down, this was evident when she was spotted in jeans and a denim jacket.
  • At the Emmy Awards, she stole the limelight when she glammed in a red gown.
  • She also wore elegantly at the Academy Awards where she stepped out in a Zuhair Murad couture dress that was embroiled with flowers and crowned with a metallic belt.The list can go on and on. Priyanka Chopra, whose favorite color is navy, really has a fabulous wardrobe. If you are looking for celeb to emulate, then Priyanka should be your girl.

    2. Rihanna


    Well if there is a lady who is unapologetic in her dressing, it is Rihanna. So many are the times when she has stolen the show with her dressing. From ladylike gowns to naked dresses, or the bad girl looks, who dresses like RiRi, as she is famously known! Here are the most notable Rihanna looks in 2017;

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  • In September, during the Fenty Beauty launch, she stepped out of Paris in a Calvin Klein dress which she matched with white, classic shoes. The off-the-shoulder dress was one that she donned elegantly.
  • Early in the year, she gave her fans a special treat at L.A when she wore a pale green dress and to top it up, she had pointed-toe sneakers giving an elegant finish.
  • In New York, she was spotted in her trademark Rean sunglasses, a long skirt and an off the shoulder denim jacket.
  • On her Instagram page, she posted a picture donning a pink slip dress, a satin bomber jacket and some sneakers.
  • In October, she was spotted at the Fenty Pep Rally in New York wearing a white hoodie and white jogger pants and to crown it off, she had matching white boots to complete an all-white- look.If you are dressing is inspired by the streets, them emulate RiRi. She sets her own trends and she isn’t afraid to do her way.

    3. Beyoncé


    Well this list can’t be complete without Beyoncé. Queen Bey has always proven to be a source of style inspiration to many. Not even when was expectant with twins, Bey never disappointed in her glamourous dressing. Compared to when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she seemed to dazzle more in this twin pregnancy. This was more evident when she performed at the Grammy Awards, a day after announcing to the world that she was expectant. Here are some of Queen Bey’s most elegant moments;

  • The singer wowed the world when she performed at the Grammys where she gloomed as a goddess in a glittering outfit that was designed by Peter Dundas. The outfit referenced so many cultures such as Virgin Mary and Mami Wata to name just but a few.
  • Beyoncé was at it again when this time she did away with the bright colors and wore a black velvet dress at her stepfather’s birthday dinner. She rounded off this look with a black choker and thigh-high boots.
  • She then wore an unprecedented dress, designed by Alejandro Gomez Palomo, when was introducing her twins to the world. Word on the street is that she placed a personal order so as to get that purple dress.
  • In October, she posted a picture wearing a blue hoodie and a black and white skirt.Bey has also proven to be a queen in all that she does and her wardrobe is well equipped to go well with this. If you are a soon-to-be mom, or you just want to slay, then Queen Bey will provide the inspiration.

    4. Emma Watson

    Emma Watson

    Talk about a girl who is always true to herself, from the early days when she first hit the screens to the most recent times, Emma has always had an edgy sense of style. The Beauty and the Beast star has always dazzled in not only the red carpet, but also all the other events she has graced. She will truly go down as one of the best actresses in her generation. Here are some of Emma’s stunning looks;

  • During the premiere of “The Circle” in Paris last June, Emma wore a fabulous custom Miu Miu gown. Talk of flawless, she killed it.
  • In Shanghai, during the premiere of “Beauty and the Beast” she dazzled in a nude colored Elie Saab gown. Fabulous.
  • At the London premiere of the same show, she stepped out in an Emilia Wickstead gown made with couture. The fabric, as she would late reveal, was sourced from their own family run business based in London.
  • She was also spotted wearing a white off-the-shoulder Burberry dress giving her a classic look.Emma has never disappointed when it comes to her wardrobe. She serves as an inspiration to all the women out there whom would want to wear classic outfits.

    5. Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez

    If there is a woman who can dress up in anything and dazzle, it is Selena Gomez. She can dress as a superstar as well as your next door relatable neighbor. Here are the top Selena Gomez moments;

  • At the AMAs she dressed in a mini-dress which looked like an extended leather jacket.
  • Well for any women out there, if there is something you should not miss in your closet is a leather jacket. Selena wore an embellished one that blended in well with her floral dress.
  • At the Met Gala, stepped out in an all pink affair, she wore it to perfection. Right from her pink dress to her pink shoes, it was fabulous.
  • She was also spotted with a white hoodie and some tights when she was leaving her doctor’s office.Whether its elegant dresses you are after or its just free style dressing, the above celebs provide enough inspiration for each category. The ball is in your court now, if you want to dress those iconic celebrity dresses.

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    5 Celebrities To Dress Up As In 2018

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