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5 Long Haul Flight Tips To Help You Have A Successful Journey

  Long Haul Flight

Long haul flights can be very grueling considering the cramped conditions, immobility, and distractive noises such as wailing children. Over 20 hours of time spent in the air while listening to the roar of the engines may be frustrating without a plan to suppress the strain that comes with it.

The thought of jet lag waiting at the end further contributes to an uncomfortable journey. These are just some of the main problems you will be experiencing in a long haul flight. They vary with people around you and the time you spend.

One thing is for sure, though; failing to plan will make your journey worse than it should be. For example, if you are traveling with young children you need to take time to prepare more than you would if you were alone. Here are 5 tips on helping you make a successfully long haul flight journey.

1. Sit in the Back

airplane back seat

The front seats have plenty of legroom and hence the most favorite. If you miss your favorite seat, choose the seats at the back. It may be noisier at the back but since everyone else is scrambling for the front, you are likely to find excess space with empty seats around you.

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You are more likely to find peace of mind due to the low disturbance while by yourself. This way, you can be able to sleep and rest without distractions. The front and mid-section are filled with people who may want to play games or chat to stay active.

2. Food and Drink


It is not wise to assume that the flight attendants will provide enough meals and drinks for the entire journey. Avoid relying on the crew for all your stomach needs even in the biggest travel companies. Make sure that you prepare for the lowest level of services by carrying your food in case you do not get enough.

Two-meal worth of food is safe for most long haul flights. For example, well-wrapped sandwiches and basic disposable utensils can come in handy. Other quick-and-easy to prepare foods include dried fruit, nuts, and single serving chips.

3. Appropriate Clothing

casual clothing

Long haul flights will be taking you through several whether conditions that you need to be well-prepared to survive. There is a high likelihood for extreme conditions and you need the right clothing for comfort. Most women are carried away with wanting to dress for attention than comfort. Extreme classic or fashionable clothing may not necessarily be appropriate for over 20 hours of flight time. Balance the need for preserving your public image with practical dressing for comfort.

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Some of the most useful clothing includes; casual wear such as t-shirts, a long cardigan or pullover, jacket, scarf and appropriate socks. You clothing should consist those that are good for both whether extremes. This does not mean you need to be casual enough to resemble a teenager.

There are smart casual clothes that can maintain your honor and dignity and will not compromise on your image. For example, for a man, a short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt is more appropriate compared to a buttoned long-sleeved shirt. It transforms you into a relaxation mode while retaining your pride.

4. Prepare for Jet Lag

jet lag

Jet lag is the most dreadful part of a long haul flight if you think about it. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid or reduce its effects at the end of the journey. The best way to prepare for jet lag is to adjust your sleeping patterns according to your destination.

The easiest way is to sleep at 4 o’clock in the morning and 7 o’clock in the evenings. This all depends with the time of day you will be starting your long haul flight. Most importantly, ensure that you are well-rested at the time you begin the flight.

Another effective method used to reduce the risk of jet lag is to book the flight so that it arrives during the day.

During the flight, make use of the stopovers by being active.

Some people make a mistake of staying awake for 24 hours before traveling. The assumption is it will balance out with the new time zone. This strategy is not known to work for most travelers.

5. Entertainment


You should not rely on in-flight entertainment systems because they may fail. They are also not likely to be your preferred form of entertainment so carry your portable entertainment devices. Remember to charge the devices before you begin the flight. You do not want to lose charge an hour into a 20-hour flight.

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Load up your podcasts. Listening to podcasts is one of the most efficient ways to preserve battery life than watching a movie. Podcasts are also more preferable than music because they are not as distractive as music. They can sustain you through an entire flight as the only form of entertainment.

Other items to carry to provide comfort include an eye mask and pillow. Eye masks are most useful if you are travelling during the day. Your neighbor may also be wearing glaring clothing that distracts you from sleep. Eye masks come in handy and so do pillows. Pillows are mostly available on sale in every major airport you find. Although it may seem ridiculous to carry a pillow, it is a small price to pay in comparison to ensuring safety of your neck.

5 Long Haul Flight Tips To Help You Have A Successful Journey


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