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5 Start-ups To Make Your Hiring Process Simpler

                Finding the right talent for your company can be tedious yet challenging task for your HR team. The proficiency of the HR team is directly proportional to the selected people working for your company. Hiring the right employee can sometimes be a complex task with the rise of numerous online job boards to social sites. Today’s changing times have let automation creep in every aspect of our day to day life. The traditional job recruiting process would mean scrutinizing dozens of CVs, making phone call, scheduling interviews, updating job portals and may other humdrum tasks for your HR. What if I say one can automate the hiring process reducing the dependency on your HR team and making the whole process more streamlined. Isn’t that cool? The simpler and automated the hiring process the more effective, consistent, and trackable.

Keeping this concept in mind a new species of start-ups has recently come into picture which are re-defining the whole recruitment process.  Not only are they focusing on automation but also towards simpler hiring of talent in every work of life

5 such start-ups to look out for your next hiring are:

1. Workey:
Workey, a recruitment process based start-up which has best of both worlds. On one side, it helps the companies find talent and other side help candidates with finding the right job. It helps candidates in becoming anonymous while discovering opportunities until they decide to reveal their identity to rightful companies. As far as companies are concerned, it gives them with a pool of passive yet potential candidates for unbiased hiring since the job-seekers’ identity remain hidden. Using machine learning software, it suggests right employees to the companies at par to its requirements making it an ideal solution of candidate sourcing. Alongside it helps candidates with true insight of job market before making the switch.
Pricing: Custom Quote
Looking to sign-up: https://www.workey.co/

2. SpotAxis:
Among the varying species of start-ups, another unique start-up for simplified hiring is SpotAxis, making its hit in the market. It is a no-nonsense solution for hiring teams to manage Jobs and candidates at one place. 75 percent of the hiring revolves around referrals and this unique start up helps in referral in the times of social networking. It allows employees to swiftly share any job to major social media sites at one click to leverage social media for hiring. SpotAxis also provide careers site to source candidates from company’s corporate website. It also provides delightful candidate experience to apply to a job without filling long forms. There is no stopping here. As Steve Jobs quoted: “To grow, you need to have collaborative hiring process”. SpotAxis seems to have taken the quote very seriously and have automated collaborative hiring by allowing to customize hiring process, add interviewers, schedule interviews, rate candidates and compare the rated candidates. It seems something is brewing inside SpotAxis to release an Artificial Intelligence based recruiter which may help companies to automate most processes of hiring: https://spotaxis.com/comingsoon/
Pricing: Freemium
Looking to Sign-up: https://spotaxis.com/

3. Interviewed:
Interviewed or otherwise online assessment tool to ease your talent hiring process. This is another startup among the line of startups which does the automated assessment of your candidate pool while recruiting. It helps in skills assessment of the candidate by its pre-built assessment library alongside giving the flexibility to customize also. From job related skills to personality to language proficiency all can be tested on this platform for your candidates making it simpler for the HR.
Pricing: Custom quote
Looking to Sign-up: https://www.interviewed.com

4. Hacker rank:
Hacker rank
Looking for a place to find the best software developers for your company, Hacker rank is your destination. They follow the hackathons based assessment for technical recruitment. Gives the recruiter the pool of developers to recruit alongside testing its coding skills with assessments. It focuses on all the phases from sourcing, screening, and interviewing technical talent for the company in a more optimized and time saving way. Not only does it help as an assessment platform for recruiters but also helps millions of programmers in brushing up and testing its skills.
Pricing: Free Trial
Looking to Sign-up: https://www.hackerrank.com/

5. Spark hire
Spark hire
Spark Hire gives the recruiters with video interviewing platform for faster and quick job interviews. Not only does it help companies in hiring efficiently but also saves travel cost for the job-seeker because these interviews can be conducted on anytime and anywhere basis. It comes with interactive video platform for interviews from recording to timed thinking to restricting answer lengths in interviews it has it all in this one tool.
Pricing: Starts at 99$ for Unlimited interviews for 1 job with 10 users seats
Looking to Sign-up: https://www.sparkhire.com/

These above-named start-ups are the new breed of online recruitment process with the only
strategy of simplifying hiring and transforming the whole recruitment world.
Refer the above to your company for a smarter hiring!

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