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5 Weird Things About Princess Diana: 20 Years 1 Mystery

                20 years have passed since that tragic accident in Paris where the most famous princess of Wales died in history. Nevertheless, was it really an accident? Here we will comment on the strangest part of this case.
This fact definitively changed the direction of the world of the entertainment and royalties’. 20 years ago, a fatal accident occurred that claimed the life of Princess Diana, who after his separation from Prince Charles, was immersed in various controversies that jeopardized the prestige of British royalty.

In this article, we are going to review the five most commented scenarios on this tragedy, which was involved in different conspiracies theories and at the same time, involved in numerous scandals, which after 20 years of that tragic fact, we leave you the most interesting and disturbing facts of this story:

1- The night of 31 August 1997, the Princess of Wales had a car accident that claimed her life in the famous Place de l’Alma underpass located in the city of lights (Paris). However, before the accident she was chased by many paparazzi. In addition, this was not one of the most curious facts, the thing was that she entered the hospital alive and apparently died of a heart attack. This hypothesis was never corroborated by any of the parties.

2- One of the things that very few people know is that the driver who took the princess at that time was called Henri Paul. This is not the curious fact. The real deal is that Henri was not the usual driver who took the princess. At the same time, that was not the regular vehicle that she used to for her transfers, which generated many other controversies.

3- Another of the most resounding conspiracy theories that are still the subject of controversy today is the hypothesis that British royalty assassinated her. This, because she had an affair with Dodi Al Fayed who had Muslim roots. In view of this, the mere fact that for royalty there was a different lineage to the Anglo-Saxon factions, would be the greatest scandal ever recorded for the royal family, reason enough to murder.

4 – Another of the stranger things that are discussed on the Internet and in public opinion is that Princess Diana perhaps for feigning her own death. In relation to this, the princess declared a few hours before her tragic accident to a Daily Mail journalist that “very soon she would disappear of the public life because it was his most fervent desire”. All this has sense because why with the money that she already had together with her boyfriend, could escape and live a life in secret and with the tranquility of not being persecuted and harassed. This will be a question for posterity to be answered.

5- Many theories say that behind the death of Princess Diana was the English secret service known as the MI6, which saw in her a great threat to the throne, because despite her being separated from Prince Charles, she would maintain her status in the monarchy, due to the internal statutes of the same. The secret service is also accused of spying on princess Diana steadily throughout her life and the most curious thing is that bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who was on the night of the tragic accident, was the only survivor of the accident, which for many it reaffirms this conspiracy theory.

For all these reasons, this is one of the most famous celebrity mysteries on the planet. For many people, it is an unresolved mystery.

It has been 20 years since the death of Princess Diana, there is only one great mystery to discover, and it is what really happened that day? Could it have been an accident? Could it be a murder? Would Diana pretend her own death?

These are questions without answers until now, but we hope you have entertained with this article. Diana will always be in the hearts of all, will never be forgotten and starred in one of the great mysteries that until now continues to shock the entire planet.

5 Weird Things About Princess Diana: 20 Years 1 Mystery

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