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6 Mysteries About Adolf Hitler

                If there was somebody odd and strange in this world, that would be Adolf Hitler. This character remains the darkest and deepest nature of human beings. In this article, you will find six mysteries that still surprise people around the world. Let’s find out what are those secret and bizarre facts.

There are many mysteries in the world, but only a few are present in people’s minds and in some cases, they have been very interesting in history.

This is the case of how Adolf Hitler came to power and the great fervor of his followers when he spoke. A writer named Robert Payne once said, “There is no rational explanation about Hitler’s supreme power over the Germans or their consequences.”

Therefore, in this article we unveil the most salient mysteries about the life and death of the leader of the Nazi movement.

1- Simulated Suicide:

This sounds like a science fiction story. However, something happened in Berlin. For 2009, a “secret wall” was found that could solve the conspiracy theory that Hitler never committed suicide. This wall connects to a very special bunker. The investigators say that Hitler could have escaped from Germany through the tunnel that gives to the Berlin’s Airport, discarding the theory of suicide. We can deepen this topic in other articles if you want dear readers.

2- The strange object full of occultism:

It is said that from his youth, Hitler fell in love with a very particular object, it is called the “Longing’s Spare”. This spear is speculated that it was with which they pierced the body of Jesus. Yes! Jesus Christ! Such objects obsessed Hitler in a way that he believed could give him infinite power to sustain his empire. This leader always believed in the power of the weapon that a Roman soldier nailed to Jesus Christ in the cross. He believed the legend that affirmed that its possessor never would lose a battle.

3- The Nazis leader was not born in Germany:

This is a great mystery. Because many official theories indicate, that Hitler was not German, but was born in Austria. However, that would not be the most bizarre fact. The most WTF of all this, is that according to a study of a university in Belgium, the führer’s origins are of Jewish descent. Therefore, the one who wanted to eliminate the Jews was also Jewish, because he possessed a unique gene of people of Morocco, a great irony.

4- The Haunebu project:
Courtesy of www.smokescreen.info
This is one of the most outstanding mysteries of Second World War’s time. Hitler’s scientists had developed a technology of flying shape of flying saucers aircrafts, such as the famous UFOs. By 1945, several prototypes had been developed. The knowledge of this technology of mysterious German circular airplanes propelled by anti-gravitational engines codenamed “Vril” and “Haunebu”, were developed not based on the conventional technique. They were developed in a new technique arisen from the occult Nazi philosophy that Allies called them Foo-fighters (Dave Grohl you are busted) and their German creators called “Kugelblitze” or “Feuerbälle”. From 1944, allied pilots flying over Germany to bombard it. However, they started to report on strange, almost transparent, glittering balls that stood next to them and accompanied them for miles (WTF).

5- Walpurgis Night:

There are experts in psychology who seek to explain the great impact that Hitler caused with his speeches. However, this dark personage of history loved the occult. His childhood friend August Kubizek, said that since the age of 15, Adolf was delighted with everything related to the occult. It is so much so, that the day of his “suicide” was April 30, coincides with a German witchcraft ritual known as “The Night of the Walpurgis” which was a celebration of resurrection rituals practicing black magic.

6- The Exorcism of Hitler:
Courtesy of www.catholicnewsagency.com
This is a very popular mystery among the connoisseurs of the history of this character. It is about of Pope Pius XII, who tried to exorcize Hitler from the distance, since this one considered that the Führer was being dominated by several demons and hence his great power of persuasion among the Germans. It is said that the Pope described him (Hitler) as a mercenary with a category of antichrist, all according to documents kept by the Vatican.

Knowing all these mysteries about Adolf Hitler, we can think that he was more enigmatic than we thought. Nevertheless, there are secrets revealed about him that are even darker. We could comment about them on future posts if you want to. What would be the truth?

6 Mysteries About Adolf Hitler

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