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7 Peaceful Destinations For A Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat

Everyone deserves some peace and quiet, far away from their jobs, people who tire them and all the problems that we face in our lives. There are various places on our beautiful planet that serve for that purpose, going to such places helps you open your mind, relax and enjoy the real gifts of this great life we are in.

Do not wait, as soon as you feel that you need a break from your daily life, give yourself that break and hop on a plane that will take you to a destination of your choice.

In order to help you pick the perfect destination, we have made a research and listed 7 truly peaceful destinations for a real Spiritual Retreat!

Rolling Meadows, Brooks, Maine

For those who never had a chance to visit this lovely place, Rolling Meadows offers everything a person needs for a good relaxation and quality self-time. The retreats are being hold through the entire year and they are designed to teach you about awareness and simplifying life.

Multiple meditation sessions and yoga will surely help you out reaching your inner self and give you the relaxation you truly deserve. The property of this retreat is set across 100 acres and various hiking trails that are astonishing and surely something you need to try out!

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat, Loei, Thailand

A retreat that is surrounded by rolling green hills and lush tropical forest, offering the practices for Dhammakaya meditation which actually serves to focus on the center of your body and then becomes a gateway to a higher consciousness.

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Located in Thailand, this astonishing retreat features waterfall fed gardens, outdoor and indoor meditation space, wooden bungalows and outdoor dining. This retreat is special due to its rules – All the guests need to refrain from any kind of destructive behaviour, no one should try to kill a mosquito even.

Ala Kukui, Maui, Hawaii

Ala Kukui stands for “Pathway of Illumination” and it really does make sense. People come here to seek for spiritual restoration as well as intercultural exchange and creativity. Placed in Hawaii, this stunningly beautiful retreat has it all, from meditation sessions throughout the year, to various yoga and silent healing sessions.

In case you are all about gardening or writing, there is also a session that offers you to show your creativity in writing and knowledge in gardening. A place like this should never go unnoticed, in case you visit, make sure you check out truly breathtaking views of Haleakala as well as the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Simple Peace, Assisi, Italy

You need help when it comes to connecting with people? This lovely retreat is located in Italy, Umbrian City of Assisi, it is an ancient city that has a great story behind. Ruth and Bruce Davis (husband and wife) lead this lovely place and they are extremely welcoming to whoever finds themselves roaming around.

Enjoy who you are and join various silent meditation sessions, share a verdant garden and terrace with valley views and most importantly, find some peace that you deserve!

“Each of us can uncover the beauty that lies deep inside our hearts,”

“The heart holds an ocean of peace and silence, which is our true self, our true home. And it answers the question, ‘Who am I really?’”

says Ruth.

Eleven Directions Dalai Lama Teachings, Dharamshala, India

The Dalai Lama is known for his teachings in various places. If you find yourself roaming around India in time that he is around and teaching, go ahead, it will be public teaching and it is for FREE! Dalai Lama does his tour in Dharamshala to help people connect and discuss Tibetan culture and various practices.


A week of his teachings is usually spent by attending teachings, taking long walks through Rhododendron forest, engaging discussions and keeping it peaceful in our mind.

Just as Dalai Lama says

‘This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.’

This is a great escape for anyone who struggles with anger, loyalty and connection.

Harmony Dawn Retreat, Ontario, Canada

Take the two to seven day mindfulness retreat and give yourself a break you need. Harmony Dawn retreat is located in Ontario, Canada and it offers various activities such as dharma talks, understanding course, long nature walks in Qigong, most likely in pure silence.

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There are also various cooking lessons that you can take and by doing this you will surely get to eat nutritious and organic meals. In case you like dancing and you need to have some fun, you can always join interpretive dance.

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, Muir Beach, California

Green Dragon Temple, otherwise known as Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is located in an alley filled by eucalyptus trees. This is mainly a Buddhist practice center in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition that offers various trainings in Zen meditation that will awaken and support the spirit of kindness.

This retreat is open for those who are willing to stay long term as well, and by doing this they will become a part of the community for months. If you are into gardening, there is also a working organic farm and garden that will surely fulfil your green dreams.

Now that you have seen our top 7 peaceful destinations for a Spiritual Retreat, do you feel connection with any of these places we listed above? Have you ever visited any of these places and how was your experience? No matter the answer to our question, we are sure everyone needs some peace every now and then, so do you, do not hesitate and give your heart a treat like it never seen before.

7 Peaceful Destinations For A Spiritual Retreat

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