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8 Strange Inventions From The Past

Strange Inventions From The Past
In this article, we will know about strange inventions that were made in the past. Most of them were crazy projects, but others were some inspiration for great inventions nowadays. Let’s take a look.
Over the years, humanity has evolved, and along with it everything that surrounds them, there are millions of entrepreneurs, and inventors who have created an infinity of products. However, many of these products have remained in the past, while others have evolved. Without a doubt, there are so many products that it is practically impossible to know them all, but in this opportunity, it is a pleasure for us to bring you the products that existed in the past and that were very strange.

Dimple-Maker Dimple-Maker
In 1936, an advertisement was published in the North American press, which contained an invention by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester. This was a dimple mask. This was used narrowing below the cheekbone and from inside two protuberances that pressed just enough to make the dimple.

This machine ended up being a fraud, because the dimples only lasted a couple of minutes and the worst thing was that to make them, you had to endure a huge pain and pressure on your face, this made it be forgotten very fast.

The peak mask The peak mask
This was an invention made with the sole purpose of preventing strong winds from hitting your face and ruining makeup in the case of women. In the case of men, avoid skin damage, although apparently they were not so smart at the time of inventing it, because if the wind came in a lateral direction it will blow, or you could end up with pain in the neck, for you would force a lot trying to go the other way.

Glasses for Reading in bed

Glasses for Reading in bed
They were glasses to do what it says in its title, to read while you are in your bed and not have the need to tilt your neck to do it, today there is a similar and very successful prototype, although by then the glasses had no success some.

Shower helmet

Shower helmet
A helmet only covers the part of the face. This invention was created for those women who needed to shower, but did not want to wet their face or their hair.

Although it sounds somewhat absurd, this invention for that time did have some popularity, because many women of his time was very useful.

Wooden bathing suits Wooden bathing suits
People tell that time were creative. Well, they started to think that if the wood floated, they could probably put on wooden bath suits. This would make people who went swimming do it without having to worry about drowning. Wooden bathing suits were created in 1929 and were not successful at that time, because these bathing suits were uncomfortable, hard, and difficult to use.

There were also risks of sticking a few sticks, which caused this invention to go bankrupt soon after it became public.

La radio cochecito La radio cochecito
It was an invention made for babies to relax listening to music wherever their parents took them. The invention was launched on the market in 1921. This had as a second objective to help mothers who were very busy to do all their work without having to worry about babies.

The idea is that babies feel calm listening to their music. Days later, the launch of this invention led to its creators to bankruptcy, because no mother would buy a device that was literally useless.

One-wheel motorbike

One-wheel motorbike
It was a motorcycle invented in Germany in the year 1925. Until today, the purpose of the inventor is unknown at the time of creating a motorcycle with these characteristics.
This motorcycle did not manage to commercialize due to its complicated way of handling it, and in addition, it was much more dangerous than to handle the motorcycle that we all know.

That is why this prototype remained on paper, it is very curious to see that this prototype has been an inspiration for some films, which have given them a futuristic touch.

The Isolator The Isolator
This helmet was designed with the intention of avoiding noise at all costs. This mask has a connection that goes to an oxygen tank, this to prevent you from suffocating.

These inventions are just a few of the thousands of inventions that exist in the world, these have been inspiration for new technologies, while others have only been forgotten, leave your opinion about this topic, and tell us what you think that we did not add.

We read on soon.

8 Strange Inventions From The Past

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