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9 Beauty-Sleep Tips to Look AMAZING When You Wake Up

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Worrying about waking up looking tired and gloomy? So much so that you desire to look fresh-faced every morning despite the long working hours and hard days; without forgetting playing hard all night.

Worry no more. Just make these beauty-sleep tips your close friend. They will help you look beautiful on waking and ensure a happy and glowing face.

Despite the busy day, and always looking forward to getting in that bed, simple beauty habits at night can be of great help. For instance, remove makeup and moisturize your skin before you sleep. This way, you avoid a mistake committed by many. Sleeping with makeup can make your skin age before its time.

Scaring! Yeah, a lot of activities happen when you are asleep. They help your skin to be renewed and look beautiful on waking. Not to mention glowing and young.

To look amazing when you wake up requires you to adhere to a simple night routine. Night-time habits you will not regret.

These friendly beauty-sleep tips will help you have a happy face on waking. Read on and achieve a glowing skin in your mornings.

1. Make your Makeup Remover Your Close Friend at Night

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Sleeping with your makeup on will not be good for you. You will have clogged pores at night, your eyes will be irritated, not forgetting leaving residues of your makeup on your pillow… and the list continues.

Avoid blocking your pores and black spots in your skin by removing makeup at night. During the day, they help you look amazing, but at night, they can be great enemies of your skin.

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The least you can do is agree with me that there is no justification of sleeping with the makeup on.

When tired, you can use quality face wipes for effective and fast cleansing night ritual. However, you can use cleansing milk or almond oil.

Your task here is to remove every cosmetic product on your face. You will be happy for this routine nocturnal habit.

2. Use cold Water to Wash Your Face

Challenge, right! At night we tend to fear cold water and instead use warm water to avoid feeling cold.

One of the greatest justice and favour you can do to your skin is to clean it before you sleep with water at this temperature…cold.

You will kill two birds with one stone. Your skin will be clean having removed dirt and superficial impurities. Cold water will also tone and seal the enlarged pores on your skin.

In addition, it is advisable to use natural soap. This way you won’t alter the PH level of your skin.

3. Applying Body Moisturiser

Using body moisturiser will be effective for your whole body. It’ll help it get hydrated and smooth when you wake up.

Don’t use excess or too little body moisturiser. Fair quantity will do your skin justice at night and make it glow on waking.

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It will help your skin retain oils of dermis; preventing it from developing unpleasant imperfections caused by dryness.

Use a specific body moisturiser for your face to avoid damaging your skin. It’s exquisitely fine highly susceptible to damages.

4. Use Petroleum Jelly on Your Feet

You ever noticed that feet could dry up. They could also develop calluses that are unpleasant to look at.

You can solve this skin problem by making it a habit to provide hydration. This will be one of the special care and attention you can pay to your feet and help remove dead cells.

Applying little Vaseline at night before you get into bed will be a preliminary to moisturising your feet. It will help soften the skin. The appearance will change shortly and unnoticeable.

5. Apply Cream

applying cream

It is essential to use cream for the eye area. It will facilitate the formation of eyes contours. You will have low chances of developing premature wrinkles. You will also avoid having the feared “crow’s feet”.

The eye area is more sensitive than other areas on your face. It’s likely to become weak after exposure to toxins and UV rays.

I believe you now agree with me on the importance of using cream every night before you fall asleep. You will help to repair and make your skin firm.

Cream is also essential in reducing inflammation and dark circles. These make your skin look unpleasant and tired on waking.

6. Trim Your Eyebrows

Do you shave your eyebrows at home without the help of a stylist? If your answer is yes, note the right time of trimming them should be at night; before you lay on your bed.

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This nocturnal habit will help you give your skin enough time to relax. It will also give it an adjustment time to reduce the redness caused by shaving your hair.

At night the skin is also less sensitive. During the day the factor is inconvenient due to the presence of UV rays.

7. Moisturise Your Cuticles

Hydrating cuticles will help you have strong nails. Providing your skin with nutrients through cuticles is essential. It will ensure the skin is hydrated throughout the night. And you will wake up glowing and have fresh mornings.

You can ensure your cuticles are hydrated by use of special hand cream. If you don’t have it, use a simple procedure; rub a small amount of olive oil. Coconut oil can also be of great help.

8. Frequently Whiten your Teeth

white teeth

I understand the challenge of whitening stained teeth. However, brushing them with a baking soda will do them good. You will make them clear and ensure a brighter morning on waking.

You can use your toothbrush to apply baking soda on your teeth. Give it a few minutes and rinse. You will wake up fresh and with whitened teeth.

9. Taking Care of Eyelashes


It is worth noting that your eyelashes could reduce with age or after use of makeup frequently. It is important to ensure they retain their volume. You can do this by applying a little castor oil as a form of nourishment.

You will have managed not only to increase their volume but also strengthening them.

Yes, they will stop falling and ensure a natural growth of the eyelashes.

You are wondering how to remain young and beautiful? Just maximise on beauty-sleep tips and you will keep your skin young and looking amazing when you wake up.

Take notes here and follow them to the letter. Your look on waking will eventually amaze you.

I believe if you are with me to this far; you are longing for the night to fall. And practice nocturnal habits that will leave your skin glowing when you wake up!

9 Beauty-Sleep Tips to Look AMAZING When You Wake Up


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