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9 Things I Say To Myself When I Don’t Feel Like Studying


I wish I was the kind that felt like studying every day. I am not made that way. Someday I do study. Then there are days when I don’t feel like studying.

I then feel like pushing to tomorrow what should get done today. Instead of procrastinating, what I do instead is I start to motivate myself to study. It works for me. Are you looking for motivation to study?

Here are the things I say to myself when i don’t feel like studying. I am sharing these with you in the hope that they motivate you as much as they motivate me.

Road to success
I think Dwayne Johnson said it best, when he said,

Success isn’t about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

I find this quote inspiring. When I don’t feel like studying, I remind myself that consistency will get me the results I want. This thought inspires me to study.

It will get staggering
Piled up studying can become overwhelming. I tell myself that if I don’t study when I should, what I haven’t covered will pile up and at some point, become staggering.

Then, it will take a lot more effort and many more hours to get done what it would take if I stick to my study plan and study today.

I can be determined


I tell myself I can be determined and studying when I don’t feel like it would prove this. The thing with determination is that distractions and “do not feel like studying” feelings can get in the way. I don’t let that happen to me.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work

Colin Powell said this, and I agree.

A system of rewards
I motivate myself to study by promising myself something I consider a reward for studying when I don’t want to study. I tell myself I would fix myself one of my favorite treats for dinner or I would stream and watch one of my all-time favorite movies.

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I make sure I stick to what I promise myself. This way I get my rewards each time I motivate myself to study when I don’t feel like it.

Many options to choose from
I usually study at the same time every day. I have a plan drawn up and more or less stick to it. On days when I don’t feel like studying, I tell myself instead of studying at the time I usually do I can choose a different time the same day when I may be more in the mood for studying.

I give myself the option of studying before or post dinner or any other time I want. This breaks the monotony of the daily routine and motivates me.

Get around to it

Success Stairs

Some days when I don’t feel like studying, on those days, I am feeling tired and just want to relax a little instead of studying. At other times, I think about others who don’t have an assignment to complete or studying to catch up and are free to what they want at that moment whereas for me, it’s time for me to study and I don’t even feel like it.

Before I start feeling too sorry for myself, I remind myself I don’t have to feel good, great or energetic to get around to studying and complete what needs to get done.

Something productive
Downtime from studying can revolve around relaxing and having fun. The trouble is that downtime can be habit forming where each day and each time it’s time to study may feel like a good time for some downtime.

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On days when I am too exhausted to study, I let myself off the hook and enjoy every moment of down time from studying just relaxing. On some other days I am not tired or anything and all I am feeling is too bored to study.

I snap out of this mind state by telling myself that if I don’t study when I know I can and should, I would feel remorse and guilt later on. This puts me in the mind state to do something productive.

Shorter time frames


Sitting down to study for an hour or more can seem too much when no way are you in the mood for it. It feels like a monumental task you don’t even want to start. On days like this, I tell myself that instead of studying at a stretch, I can accomplish what needs to be accomplished by studying for shorter periods.

I tell myself I can study for just 30 minutes if that’s what I want, and come back to it for another 30 minutes later on. 30 minutes doesn’t sound a lot even on days when I don’t want to study. I feel certain then that I could put in 30 minutes of studying and I get round to it.

Means to an end
To motivate myself to study when I don’t want to, I tell myself it’s what I need to do to get the good grades I want. I tell myself that hard work at study time will take me where I want to go. In the words of Gordon B. Hinckley

without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

This thought never fails to motivate me.

9 Things I Say To Myself When I Don’t Feel Like Studying


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    December 14, 2019

    In my opinion, these things are so obvious and there is no need to talk about them. Unfortunately, many people don't understand it.

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